Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Product Code: PDS-32-TO-P

New Product! Outdoor Digital Display

Outdoor Digital display | product range [product image]

The floorstanding Outdoor Digital Display Exclusively for 32" screens. Perfect for quick-service restaurants, university campuses, & retail outlets.

Product Code: PDS-47-TO-P

New Product! Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage | product range [product image]

Outdoor Digital Signage. An enclosure for outdoor use. Ideal for 46 or 47 inch screens.

Product Code: PDS-47-W-P-US

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Outdoor Digital Signage | product range [product image]

Wall-mounted, 47" Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. Create stunning menus in key locations.

Product Code: PDS-55-TO-P

Outdoor Digital Screen

Outdoor Digital Screen | product range [product image]

Our 55" Outdoor Digital Screen. For outdoor advertising, consumers can’t miss.

Product Code: PDS-55-W-P-US

Outdoor Digital Billboards

Outdoor Digital Billboards | product range [product image]

55 inch, wall-mounted Outdoor Digital Billboards. Attention-grabbing and easily-altered billboards for your business.

Product Code: PDS-70-75-TO-P

Outdoor Digital Advertising Display

Outdoor Digital Advertising Display | product range [product image]

Our prominent, 70"-75" Outdoor Digital Advertising Display. Fully weatherproof & secure.

Product Code: PDP-Dual-Screen

Gas Station digital signage

Petrol pump advertising digital | PDP-22-L-240V [product image]

Specially-engineered Gas Station Digital Signage . A mild steel landscape enclosure that protects two dual 22" LCD/LED screens from the hazards of an outdoor environment.

Need a custom LCD enclosure design? We’ve got you covered! Our engineers can design enclosures for any outdoor, public, or industrial environment.

Outdoor Digital signage articles

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Outdoor Digital Signage | How to Tap Into 5 Future Trends

Outdoor Digital Signage | How to Tap Into 5 Future Trends

The outdoor advertising scene is changing at an exponential rate and DOOH is playing a big part in making cities ‘smarter’ and more ‘digitally enhanced’. You need to know the trends that are fast becoming the driving force behind a transformation in advertising culture, and how your business can capitalise on the DOOH phenomena.

Hotel Digital Signage... 7 Advantageous Applications

How to Seal an Armagard Digital Signage Enclosure Without Replacing it

Commonly used to inform, promote or direct guests in the lobby, the use of hotel digital signage has become ever more expansive, delivering an improved experience for customers. Here’s a breakdown of the best ways to use hotel digital signage to benefit guests, staff and your bottom line...

Outdoor Digital Signage...The Winter Survival Guide

Outdoor Digital Signage...The Winter Survival Guide

Winter is coming... bringing with it, freezing temperatures, ice, snow and heavy rainfall. Is your outdoor digital signage equipped for the cold, dark days and nights? Let’s find out… It’s time to turn up the thermostat and fire up the heating units as outdoor digital signage systems gear up for the unforgiving wrath of winter...

I DOOH | How to Marry Outdoor Digital Signage to Your Business

I DOOH | How to Marry Outdoor Digital Signage to Your Business

An outdoor digital signage network can make your business up to 60 percent more profitable. The ‘word on the street’ is that digital signage outdoors is fuelling growth in consumer spending, according to global consumer research. Question is, how do you marry outdoor digital signage to your business to boost sales?

The 5 Step Guide to Choosing a Digital Signage Manufacturer

The 5 Step Guide to Choosing a Digital Signage Manufacturer

Turns out that choosing a digital signage manufacturer is hard work. To help you navigate the market, this 5 step guide will help you to spot a reputable digital signage provider for your project.

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