Coronavirus Non-Contact Kiosks

Facial Recognition Thermometer

Facial Recognition Thermometer | product range

Reduce the spread of viruses in public and commercial locations. The facial recognition thermometer identifies people with a high temperature before they enter, giving staff and customers confidence your business is a safe place to work and visit.

Body Temperature Access Control

Body Temperature Access Control | product range

Protect staff and customers during seasonal illness and public health emergencies. Pair the body temperature access control kiosk to automatic doors to only permit access to registered people who are free of this virus symptom.

Body Temperature Screening Kiosk

Body Temperature Screening Kiosk | product range

Fulfil your responsibility to reduce the spread of viruses among staff and customers. The temperature screening kiosk takes an infrared body temperature measurement to identify ill people before they enter your business.

Hand Sanitizer Digital Display

Hand Sanitizer Digital Display | product range

Make your business a cleaner place to work and visit. The hand sanitizer digital display dispenses sanitizer without physical contact, which reduces the spread of germs and protects the health of staff and customers. Show sanitary advice or promotions on the 21.5" screen.

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Easy COVID-19 Safety Measures To Reassure Staff and Customers

COVID-19 Safety Measures from Armagard

65% of workers are anxious about returning to work after lockdown. Customers are also looking for reassurances. This article presents two COVID-19 safety measures that can protect staff, reassure customers, and safeguard the future of your company in times of high viral transmission.

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