Fior Di Mocca Outdoor TV Enclosures

Robust, 55" Outdoor TV Enclosures for Fior Di Mocca.

Armagard’s 55”, outdoor TV enclosure enabled café and restaurant, Fior Di Mocca, to install two TVs in its outdoor canopy. Suspended from the cross beam in the center of the canopy, customers enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks while watching all the drama of the World Cup.

Paulton Park Triple screen Enclosures

Custom-made, Samsung OH55F triple-screen digital display enclosure.

Paultons wanted to install an all-new, outdoor digital information board ahead of the 2019 season. Working to a tight deadline, Paultons wanted a custom digital signage display system installed outdoors, which had three portrait screens, a clock and an aesthetically pleasing finish that complemented the landscaped surroundings.

NEC & Schipol Airport LCD Enclosures

55 Armagard LCD Enclosures Protecting NEC High Bright Screens.

NEC Display Solutions were tasked with upgrading passenger information points at Schiphol’s bus stops and selected locations in the airport terminal. Schiphol Airport selected NEC, 47” MultiSync® X474 High Bright Screens complete with weatherproof outdoor screen enclosures supplied by Armagard.