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LCD & Plasma TV Enclosures

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Product Code: PDS-L-series

LCD Enclosure

LCD Enclosure | PDS-L-series [product image]

LCD enclosure line, enclosures to accommodate a large variety of commercial LCD displays, ranging from 24 to 70 inches.

Product Code: PDS-24-US

LCD Monitor Enclosure

LCD Monitor Enclosure | PDS-24 [product image]

For screen sizes from 17" to 24" the PDS-24 Monitor enclosure protects your computer monitor or small TV in outdoor or harsh industrial environments.

Product Code: PDS-W-P-US

Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure | PDS-W-P-UK

For digital information boards and advertising. The portrait enclosure is lockable, weatherproof, and reliable.

Product Code: PSS-42-W-L

New Product! TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector | PSS-42-W-L

Indoor TV Screen protector protecting 42" LCD televisions and monitors from high velocity force and Vandal attack.

Product Code: PDS-P-series

Plasma Enclosure

Plasma Enclosure | PDS-P-series [product image]

Plasma enclosure line, enclosures to accommodate a wide range of commercial Plasma displays, ranging from 24 to 70 inches.

Outdoor TV Enclosures

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Reliably safeguarded from rain, dust, and impacts, watch your favorite shows and sports in the backyard using a weatherproof TV enclosure.

IP69K PC & Monitor Enclosures

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IP69K Production Display Board Enclosure

IP69K Production Display Board Enclosure | product range

Give workers up-to-the-minute metrics with 55” KPI screens in your food or pharmaceutical plant. The IP69K production display board enclosure withstands intensive daily washdown and steam cleaning.

IP69K Hygienic TV Display

IP69K Hygienic TV Display | product range

Use a 75" screen in heavy washdown environments with the IP69K hygienic TV display enclosure. The IP69K rating protects against high-pressure, high-temperature steam cleaning, so your plant meets the latest sanitation standards.

Food Processing Digital Screen Solutions

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Food Processing Digital Screen Enclosure

Food processing digital screen enclosure

Washdown protection for a 55" food processing digital screen. 316 stainless steel and advanced climate controls allow hygienic, reliable TV use in sanitary industries.

Food Processing TV Enclosure

Food processing TV enclosure from Armagard

Food processing TV enclosure that allows the safe installation of 42/43" screens in sanitary industries. Washdown protection, food-grade construction, and advanced climate controls.

Digital Signage & Enclosures

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Digital Poster

Digital Poster | product line [product image]

Wall mountable, portrait digital media display with built in media player. Available in 20 inch or 32 inch formats.

LCD Digital Signage

LCD Digital Signage | product line [product image]

Large floor standing, portrait LCD Digital Signage with integrated media player. Available as 46, 52, 55 and 70 inch units.

LCD Advertising Display

LCD Advertising Display | Product Line [product image]

Wall mountable, landscape Digital media Screen with integrated media player. Available in 19, 32, 40 inch models.

Digital Signage Enclosure

Digital Signage enclosure | [product image]

Floor-standing enclosure houses an LCD screen and multimedia player for use as Digital Signage. Product due early 2010 - register now for updates.

Outdoor Digital Signage

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Product Code: PDS-32-TO-P

New Product! Outdoor Digital Display

Outdoor Digital display | product range [product image]

The floorstanding Outdoor Digital Display Exclusively for 32" screens. Perfect for quick-service restaurants, university campuses, & retail outlets.

Product Code: PDS-47-TO-P

New Product! Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage | product range [product image]

Outdoor Digital Signage. An enclosure for outdoor use. Ideal for 46 or 47 inch screens.

Product Code: PDS-47-W-P-US

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Outdoor Digital Signage | product range [product image]

Wall-mounted, 47" Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. Create stunning menus in key locations.

Product Code: PDS-55-TO-P

Outdoor Digital Screen

Outdoor Digital Screen | product range [product image]

Our 55" Outdoor Digital Screen. For outdoor advertising, consumers can’t miss.

Product Code: PDS-55-W-P-US

Outdoor Digital Billboards

Outdoor Digital Billboards | product range [product image]

55 inch, wall-mounted Outdoor Digital Billboards. Attention-grabbing and easily-altered billboards for your business.

Product Code: PDS-70-75-TO-P

Outdoor Digital Advertising Display

Outdoor Digital Advertising Display | product range [product image]

Our prominent, 70"-75" Outdoor Digital Advertising Display. Fully weatherproof & secure.

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

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Drive Thru Digital Signage

Drive Thru Digital Signage [thumbnail image]

Boost sales by 3-8% at your quick service restaurant with Armagard’s Drive Thru Digital Signage Systems. Complete solutions available!

Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure

Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure [thumbnail image]

Drive Thru Digital Signage Enclosure. Designed exclusively to protect drive thru menu board screens up to 49”. Fully outdoor ready.

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage [thumbnail image]

Quality, QSR Outdoor Digital Signage available as a complete solution for your drive thru needs. Includes an enclosure, high bright screens, and a media player.

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure [thumbnail image]

No Digital Drive Thru Menu Board can do without defense against the elements. We recommend the all-new, QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure to provide the ultimate in screen protection.

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board [thumbnail image]

Upsell, cross-sell, and increase customer spending at your QSR. The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board is an asset to any drive thru lane.

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure

Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure [thumbnail image]

The Digital Drive Thru Menu Board Enclosure makes going digital at the drive thru easy. Get triple screen protection for years to come.

Sunlight readable digital signage

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Product Code: PDS-47-TO-P-US-HB

47" Sunlight Readable Digital Totem with High-Bright Screen

Sunlight readable digital Totem | LD470DUP [product image]

The Sunlight Readable Digital Totem - A cost effective solution for safeguarding outdoor advertising displays from sunlight damage. Protect your high-bright digital signage screen from sunlight exposure whilst generating revenue.

Product Code: PDS-55-TO-P-US-H-HB

55" Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem

Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem | product range [product image]

Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem - Provides enhanced screen visibility where exposure to direct sunlight is a problem. Integrated screen features anti-glare technology, eliminating screen malfunction and increasing longevity.

Product Code: PDS-72-TO-P-HB

72" Outdoor High-Bright Display Totem

Digital Signage Advertising | product range [product image]

Outdoor High-Bright Display Totem - Dominant, outdoor digital signage unit featuring massive 72" high-bright screen. A prominent, unmissable advertising display capable of combatting the effects of sunlight exposure.

Product Code: PDS-47-W-P-US-H(B)

High-Bright Portrait Enclosure

Indoor Advertising Display | PDS-RT-P [product image]

Armagard’s High-Bright Portrait Enclosure comes complete with an integrated 47" or 55" high-bright screen. Perfect for installation in high brightness locations where sunlight glare could be a problem.

Product Code: PDS-55-W-US-L-H(B)

High Brightness LCD Screen

Digital Poster | product range [product image]

The High Brightness LCD Screen enclosure can accommodate a 47" or 55" LCD screen in landscape orientation. Enclosure is wall-mountable and protects against the effects of direct sunlight exposure.

Touch Screen Enclosures

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Product Code: STS-170-US

Waterproof touch screen monitor

Stainless steel waterproof touch screen monitor | STS-170

Waterproof touch screen monitor - 17 inch touch screen computer monitor in a stainless steel enclosure. Perfect for wet or wash down environments.

Product Code: SENC-350-US

Compact waterproof touch screen enclosure

Stainless steel compact waterproof touch screen enclosure | SENC-350

Touchscreen waterproof enclosure - designed for thin client PCs and Touch screens up to 17 inches.

Product Code: SENC-750-US

Waterproof Touch screen enclosure

Stainless steel Waterproof Touch screen enclosure | SENC-750 [product image]

Slim line waterproof enclosure with integrated 17 inch touch screen monitor sealed to NEMA 4Xfor protection of desktop and tower PCs in wet or humid environments.

Product Code: PTS-170-US

Industrial touch screen monitor

Powder coated industrial touch screen monitor | PTS-170

Industrial Touch screen Monitor - 17 inch touch screen computer monitor in a mild steel enclosure. Ideal for use in dirty or dusty environments.

Product Code: PENC-350-US

Compact Touch screen Enclosure

Compact Touch screen Enclosure | PENC-350

Compact touch screen enclosure - 17 inch touch screen computer monitor integrated into a mild steel enclosure. Ideal for use in dirty or dusty environments.

Product Code: PENC-450-UK

New Product! Touch screen industrial PC

Touch screen industrial PC | PENC-450 [product image]

Widescreen touch screen enclosure - 22" touchscreen computer monitor integrated into a powder coated mild-steel enclosure.

Product Code: PENC-750-US

Industrial touch screen enclosure

Powder coated industrial touch screen enclosure | PENC-750

industrial touch screen enclosure to protect TFT screens and standard sized desktop or tower PCs in harsh industrial environments.

Waterproof PC enclosure

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Product code: SENC-600-US

Waterproof PC enclosure

Armagard waterproof PC enclosure

Improve workflow with computers and 27” screens in any sanitary location. The NEMA 4X waterproof PC enclosure protects against heavy washdown, physical damage, and more.

Product code: SENC-500-US

Waterproof Industrial Computer Workstation

Waterproof Industrial Computer Workstation | SENC-500 [product image]

Waterproof Industrial computer Workstation allows you benefit from the functionality of a PC and 24” monitor in wet, hygienic and washdown environments.

Product code: SENC-400-US

Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosures

Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure | SENC-400 [product image]

Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosures are designed for thin-client computers and LCD screens up to 22" in wet or washdown areas.

Product code: SENC-300-US

Compact Waterproof Enclosure

Compact Waterproof Enclosure | SENC-300 [product image]

Waterproof PC enclosure designed for use of small computers and TFT screens up to 17 inches in wet or wash down areas

Product Code: SENC-700-US

Waterproof Computer Enclosure

Waterproof Computer Enclosure | SENC-700 [product image]

waterproof computer enclosure sealed to IP65 to protect desktop and tower PCs and TFT screens (up to 19 inches)

Product Code: SPRI-770r-US

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet | SPRI-770r [product image]

Waterproof Rack mount Cabinet IP65 protection for 19" rack mount equipment up to a maximum of 18U

Product Code: SENC-800-US

Stainless steel PC enclosure

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure | SENC-800 [product image]

Mid-range ip65 PC enclosure ideal for wash or wipe down environments.

Printer Enclosures

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Product Code: SPRI-100-US

Waterproof printer enclosure

Stainless steel waterproof printer enclosure | SPRI-100 product image

Waterproof Label printer enclosure use your printers reliably in wet, washdown and other harsh environments.

Product Code: SPRI-100C-US

Clean Room Printer Enclosure

Compact, clean room printer enclosure for washdown locations

Compact clean room printer enclosure for wet and sanitary locations. Install the small printer of your choice and jet wash it safely thanks to the NEMA 4X rating.

Product Code: SPRI-200Z-US

Zebra ZT411 Printer Enclosure

Armagard Zebra ZT411 printer enclosure for sanitary locations

Boost frontline operator workflow by installing printers directly on your processing floor. The Zebra ZT411 printer enclosure has a NEMA 4X rating that protects against daily pressure washing.

Product Code: SPRI-400-US

NEMA 4X Printer Protection

Stainless steel enclosure for printer protection | SPRI-400 [product image]

Waterproof printer enclosure protection for your printers used in food processing areas and other harsh, wet environments.

Product Code: SPRI-700-US

Floor standing waterproof printer enclosure

Stainless Steel floor standing printer enclosure | SPRI-700 product image

Floor standing Stainless steel printer enclosure reliably use your printers in humid, wet or washdown environments.

Product Code: SPRI-800-US

Heated printer enclosure

Stainless steel heated printer enclosure | SPRI-800 [product image]

Thermostatically controlled printer enclosure maintains printer functionality even in −22°F external environments.

Product Code: PPRI-400-US

Mid-size printer enclosure

Mild steel printer enclosure | PPRI-400 [product image]

Mid-size printer enclosureprotects your printers improving their safety and reliability. Ideal for use in factories, stores, dispatch areas and any other potentially dusty environments.

Product Code: PPRI-700-US

Floor Standing Printer enclosure

Floor standing mild steel printer enclosure | PPRI-700 [product image]

Floor standing Printer enclosure protects your printers on factory floors or in other dusty or dirty environments.

Computer Cabinets

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Product code: PENC-300-US

TFT Compact PC enclosure

PC Enclosure | PENC-300 [product image]

Mild steel compact TFT PC enclosure protects up to 17 inch TFT screens and thin client or small form factor PCs in harsh Industrial environments.

Product Code: PENC-400-US

New Product! Widescreen Industrial Computer Enclosure

PC Enclosure | PENC-400 [product image]

Powder coated mildsteel Industrial computer enclosure protects widescreen monitors up to 22" and thin client or small form factor pc's in dirty, dusty industrial locations.

Product Code: PENC-700-US

Industrial LCD Monitor

Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure | PENC-700 [product image]

Slimline Industrial LCD monitor protects up to 19 inch TFT Screens & standard size desktop/Tower PCs in harsh environments.

Product Code: PENC-800-US

Compact all-in-one computer cabinet

Compact all-in-one Computer Cabinet | PENC-800 [product image]

Compact All-in-One Computer cabinet protect your PCs, monitor and keyboard in harsh Industrial environments.

Product Code: PENC-900-US

Computer enclosure

Computer Enclosure | PENC-900 [product image]

Our all- in-one Computer enclosure offers protection from dust, grease, physical impact and theft.

Product Code: PC-CP01

Computer Cabinet

Mild Steel Computer Cabinet | PC-CP01 [product image]

IP54 rated secure computer cabinet protects your standard sized desktop or tower PC in harsh Industrial environments.

Product Code: PSAF-100-US

High Security PC Enclosure

Mild Steel High Security PC Enclosure | PSAF-100 [product image]

High security enclosure protects your large sized desktop or tower PC against theft or vandalism.

Product Code: PSAF-200-US

Computer Safe

Mild Steel Computer Safe | PSAF-200 [product image]

Secure PC enclosure protects your standard sized desktop or tower PC against vandalism or theft.

Intrinsically Safe enclosures

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Product Code: AZ2S21

Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

Intrinsically Safe Enclosure | AZ2S21 [product image]

Zone 2/ ATEX (European Designation) enclosure an economical alternative to traditional air purged computer systems.

Product Code: AZ2S21-TFT

Slim line Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

Slim line Intrinsically Safe Enclosure | AZ2S21-TFT [product image]

Zone 2/ATEX (European Designation) slim line enclosure a space saving solution for protecting your computers in potentially explosive environments.

Product Code: SAT-600-US

Air tight computer enclosure

Air tight computer enclosure | SAT-600 [product image]

Restricted breathing enclosure designed for sterile, clean room, laboratory and pharmaceutical environments. Reduces the ingress, storage and escape of contaminated air.

Gas Pump Advertising Digital

Digital Pump Toppers

Digital Pump Toppers | product range [product image]

Dual-sided digital pump toppers with 22" or 24" screens. Engage customers with motion-activated advertising on both sides of the gas pump and in any weather.

Digital Pump-Top Display

Digital Pump-Top Display | product range [product image]

Digital pump-top display to turn your gas pumps into a profitable advertising space. Two motion-activated 22” or 24” screens engage customers while they’re fueling their vehicles.

Gas Pump TV Advertising

Gas Pump TV | product range [product image]

Outdoor-ready gas pump TV with two 1,500 NITS screens. An optional facial recognition camera ensures customers get shown the most-relevant promotions, for improved advertising ROI.

LCD Digital Gas Pump Advertising

LCD Digital Gas Pump Advertising | product range [product image]

Capture customer attention with LCD digital gas pump advertising. The weatherproof pump topper has two 1,500 NITS screens and an optional facial-recognition camera.

Product Code: PDP-Dual-Screen

Gas Station digital signage

Gas pump advertising digital | PDP-22-L-240V [product image]

Motion activated, dual-screen gas station digital signage system designed for 22" LCD/LED displays. A compact design suited to locations with limited space.

Industrial Computers

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Industrial Computer

Industrial Computer [product image]

Rugged and shock-proof Compact industrial computer is the perfect space saving solution for production environments.

Industrial Workstation

PST [product image]

Robust PC workstation - reliable and flexible. Ideal for factory automation or industrial machinery use in harsh environments.

Industrial PC

Industrial PC [product image]

Rugged and Reliable Stand-alone PC ideal for use in dusty, wet or wash down industrial environments.

Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PC [product image]

Panel industrial PC for mounting in control panels, switching cabinets or 19" racks.

Keyboard & Mouse

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Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard [product image]

Washable waterproof keyboard with integrated button mouse. Durable silicone rubber construction, compatible with any computer via USB (USB to PS/2 adapter supplied).

Medical Keyboard

Medical Keyboard [product image]

completely sealed silicone rubber keyboard for medical use. The integrated button mouse and low profile keys provide an easy to clean all-in-one solution.

Waterproof Mouse

Waterproof Mouse [product image]

NEMA 4X rated optical mouse, waterproof, washable and easy to clean or disinfect. Ideal for scientific or medical use.

Industrial Keyboard

Industrial Keyboard [product image]

Durable Dustproof keyboard for industrial use. Compatible with any computer via USB (PS/2 adapter supplied).

Industrial Mouse

Industrial Mouse [product image]

Dustproof optical mouse ideal for use in dusty or dirty environments. Easy to clean and maintain and compatible with any computer via USB or PS/2.

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