Protective Environments for Your Computer Hardware

Increase the lifespan of your computers, monitors, printers, servers, and screens. Enjoy longer use and greater reliability with equipment in dusty, wet, or corrosive locations.

Waterproof PC enclosure [image]

Waterproof Enclosures

NEMA 4X enclosures that protect computers in wet and washdown locations.

Digital Signage Panel [image]

Digital Signage

Floor standing enclosures for indoor and outdoor digital displays.

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage

Digital signage and menu boards for reliable outdoor displays in any weather.

IP69K Enclosures [image]

IP69K PC and Monitor Enclosures

IP69K and NEMA 4X enclosures for screens and PCs in sanitary industries.

LCD enclosure [image]

LCD Enclosures

Protective enclosures for LCD and plasma screens from 24" to 75".

Food Processing Digital Screen Solutions [image]

Food Processing Digital Screen Solutions

NEMA 4X TV enclosures to maximize screen lifespan in washdown locations.

NEMA 4X touchscreen enclosure [image]

Touchscreen Enclosures

Enclosures with integrated touchscreens for use in wet and dusty locations.

Intrinsically safe enclosure [image]

Intrinsically Safe Enclosures

Zone 2 compliant enclosures for the safe use of computers in explosive environments.

Printer enclosure [image]

Printer Enclosures

Protect printers from dust and water ingress in harsh environments.

NEMA 4 Industrial Computer Enclosure [image]

NEMA 4 Industrial Enclosures

Dustproof enclosures to protect computers in manufacturing locations.

Armagard’s Dual Drive Thru Digital Signage QSR Enclosure

Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Drive-thru digital signage to capture attention and boost sales.

Samsung OH series Totems and wall mounts

Samsung OH series Totems and wall mounts

Totems, wall mounts and enclosures to protect and display your Samsung OH screens.

Keyboard and Mouse [image]

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and mouse options for any Armagard Enclosure. Available in NEMA 4 and 4X.

Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure

Protective enclosure for retail displays, digital advertising and menu boards.

Waterproof monitor enclosure [small image]

Waterproof monitor enclosure

Wet weather and washdown protection for 17" to 24" monitors.

Touchscreen industrial PC [small image]

Touchscreen industrial PC

PC enclosure with integrated, 22" touchscreen monitor.

Waterproof printer enclosure [small image]

Waterproof printer enclosure

NEMA 4X protection for printers in wet and washdown areas.

Waterproof PC enclosure [small image]

Waterproof PC enclosure

NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosure for computers in sterile manufacturing areas.

Digital signage advertising

Digital Signage Advertising

For engaging, digital advertising in shops, malls, and showrooms.

Industrial Computer Enclosure [small image]

Industrial Computer Enclosure

Protection from dust, splashes and damage for PCs and widescreen, 22" monitors.

LCD monitor enclosure [small image]

LCD monitor enclosure

Compact NEMA 4 enclosures for screens from 17" to 24".

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure [small image]

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

NEMA 4X enclosure to protect a computer and screen in wet and washdown locations.

computer enclosure [small image]

Computer Enclosure

Mild steel cabinet for desktop PCs with CRT monitors or flat screens up to 21".

Industrial Mild Steel Printer Enclosure [small image]

Mild steel printer enclosure

NEMA 4 enclosure to protect a printer in factories and high-risk, industrial locations.

Intrinsically Safe Enclosure [small image]

Intrinsically safe enclosure

Sealed computer enclosure for ATEX/zone 2 environments.

Outdoor digital signage and advertising enclosure [small image]

Outdoor Digital Signage

Floor standing LCD totem for engaging, outdoor advertising and displays.

Sunlight Readable Digital Signage [image]

Sunlight Readable Digital Signage

Enclosures with anti-glare and high bright screens for sunlight protected digital signage.

TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector

Protection from damage and theft for 42", indoor TVs.

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Protects 42” monitors from jet washing, heavy rain, and physical damage.

indoor advertising display [small image]

Indoor Advertising Display

Brandable totem for bespoke, indoor digital advertising.

Floor Standing Printer Enclosure [small image]

Printer Enclosure

For reliable printing in harsh, industrial environments.

PC enclosure [small image]

Compact PC enclosure

Slimline protection for PCs and 17” screens in industrial areas.

Compact Waterproof Computer Enclosure [small image]

TFT waterproof enclosure

Integrated 17" touchscreen monitor and PC enclosure for sterile and washdown areas.

Waterproof Touchscreen Monitor Enclosure

Waterproof Touchscreen

Protective touchscreen enclosure for wet environments. Includes an integrated 17" display.

Waterproof Floor standing printer enclosure [small image]

Floor standing printer enclosure

Waterproof printer cabinet for reliable printing in wet, washdown, and sterile areas.

Computer Cabinet [small image]

Computer Cabinet

All-in-one enclosure to protect PCs and screens from dust, splashes, and physical damage.

Industrial Touchscreen Enclosure [small image]

Industrial Touchscreen Enclosure

Delivers reliable touchscreen functionality in dusty, manufacturing environments.

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet [small image]

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet

Rack mount cabinet with an 18U capacity. Protects rack-mountable equipment in wet locations.

Outdoor Battery-Powered Digital Signs

Outdoor Battery-Powered Digital Signs

Advertise in any location with mobile, battery-powered digital signage.

Digital signage touchscreen

Digital signage touchscreen

For reliable, interactive, touchscreen advertising in public and outdoor locations.

Waterproof computer enclosure [small image]

Waterproof computer enclosure

Slimline, waterproof protection for computers and 19" monitors.

Outdoor digital signage and advertising enclosure [small image]

Waterproof touchscreen PC

PC enclosure with 22" touchscreen that works through gloves.

Waterproof Industrial computer enclosure

Waterproof Industrial computer enclosure

Hygienic, waterproof protection for computers and 22" screens.

Waterproof Enclosure with integrated Touchscreen Monitor [small image]

Waterproof Touchscreen Enclosures

With integrated 17" touchscreen. Sealed to NEMA 4X.

Airtight computer enclosure [small image]

Airtight computer enclosure

Airtight enclosure for safe computing in clean rooms and sterile areas.

Heated Printer Enclosure [small image]

Heated printer enclosure

Thermostatically controlled printer cabinet for deep freeze environments (-22°F).

Secure Computer Cabinet [small image]

Secure Computer Cabinet

Protective cabinet for computer towers in dusty and industrial locations.

Industrial Touchscreen Monitor [small image]

Industrial touchscreen monitor

For reliable, gloved hand touchscreen functionality in dusty and high-risk locations.

LCD enclosure [small image]

LCD Enclosure

For protecting LCD monitors from 24" to 75". Ideal for digital signage and outdoor TVs.

Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure [small image]

Slimline intrinsically safe enclosure

Compact enclosure for the safe use of computers in explosive, zone 2 environments.

Keyboard & Mouse options [small image]

Keyboard & Mouse Options

Add an integrated or standalone keyboard and mouse to your Armagard enclosure.

A dual-sided Gas Pump Digital Signage display from Armagard [image]

Gas Pump Digital Signage

Dual-sided pump toppers for all-weather advertising at your gas station.

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We recently ordered a 49" landscape enclosure where we needed some design modifications done. The Armagard team were very receptive to incorporating the design changes and making them at a very affordable price. I would heartily recommend Armagard for any enclosure needs. A well-made and well-engineered system!

Interactive Display Systems logo

Jeff Siler, Interactive Display Systems

There aren't many options for putting a large monitor on a production floor, especially if it gets a nightly washdown with high-pressure jets. We looked at several enclosure manufacturers, but Armagard was the only one that tested its products against jet washing. The stainless-steel landscape enclosure has no condensation at all and the image stays nice and clear, so we couldn't be happier!

Rossdown Farms logo

Daryl Classen, Rossdown Farms

We have installed some computer enclosures and are very satisfied with them. Material has a good finish and is of great quality. The products were received quickly and we are very pleased with the service. I recommend.

Soprema logo

Richard Sarrazin, Soprema

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