LCD Enclosures

Enclosures for the safe outdoor use of monitors, TVs, and digital signage.

Product Code: PDS-L-series

LCD Enclosure

LCD Enclosure | PDS-L-series [product image]

Protective enclosures for LCD screens from 24" to 75". LCD cabinets are ideal for commercial and public locations.

Slim profile Professional outdoor LED Display Enclosure

Slim profile professional outdoor LED Enclosure | PDS-L-series

For discrete, digital signage display protection, our fully outdoor ready, slim profile LED enclosure is ideal for your application.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor TV Enclosure | PDS Series [product image]

The most secure outdoor TV protection on the market. The LCD TV enclosure protects screens from bad weather, insects, vandalism, and theft.

Product Code: PDS-Series-US

New Product! Touch screen digital signage

Digital signage touch screen | PDS Series [product image]

For the safe use of touch screens in public locations. Touch screen enclosures protect your digital displays from physical damage, water, and dust.

Product Code: PDS-W-P-US

New Product! Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure | PDS-W-P-UK

For digital information boards and advertising. The portrait enclosure is lockable, weatherproof, and reliable.

Product Code: PDS-24-W-L-US

LCD Monitor Enclosure

LCD Monitor Enclosure | PDS-24 [product image]

Protects a monitor in harsh environments. The small monitor enclosure fits screens from 19" ~ 24".

Product Code: PSS-42-W-L

TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector | PSS-42-W-L

Protects a TV from impact, vandalism, and theft. The indoor TV protector fits over 42" screens.

Product Code: SDS-W-L-(size)-US

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Waterproof LCD enclosure | SDS-W-L-UK

For the safe use of large LCD screens in outdoor and wet environments. The NEMA 4 LCD enclosure has a 10-year lifespan.

Product Code: SDS-24-US

Waterproof monitor enclosure

Waterproof Monitor enclosure | SDS-24-W-L

Small monitor enclosure for screens in wet locations. Provides NEMA 3 protection for 17" ~ 24" screens.

Product Code: PDS-P-series

Plasma Enclosure

Plasma Enclosure | PDS-P-series [product image]

Safeguard plasma screens from 24” to 75” with a protective plasma enclosure — an all-in-one digital signage solution.

Do you need a Custom LCD Enclosure? Armagard provides a bespoke design and manufacturing service so that you can use any screen in any environment.

LCD Enclosure articles

View below articles about LCD Enclosures from Armagard.

Protective Enclosures for Outdoor TVs: What is on the Market?

Protective Enclosures for Outdoor TVs: What is on the Market?

An Protective enclosures enable you to take an ordinary TV outdoors. If you want to put a TV outside in your backyard, or use a TV as a digital display, an outdoor ready enclosure is a cost-effective, convenient solution. An enclosure gives you plenty of installation options and great value for money. Here’s what’s on the market.

3 Creative Ways to Install LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

3 Creative Ways to Install LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

Demand for LCD digital signage enclosures is growing, as more companies deploy digital advertising systems. To prevent digital signage networks becoming an obstruction, here are 3 creative ways to install LCD enclosures, without compromising screen protection....

What Is An LCD Enclosure?

What Is An LCD Enclosure?

An LCD enclosure is a mild or stainless steel casing used to protect LCD screens. Mild steel LCD enclosures are powder coated for a high-quality, durable finish. Stainless steel LCD enclosures are commonly manufactured using 316 food grade stainless steel because of natural anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion properties.

Is This The Easiest Digital Signage Solution On The Market?

The Armagard TV enclosure is the easiest digital signage available

Get started with easy, effective, all-weather digital advertising. TV enclosures are probably the easiest digital signage option available. Safely use an ordinary TV in any location. Learn how to attract customers, boost brand awareness, and increase sales with this simple solution.

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