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At Armagard (Ltd) our aim is to make our site accessible to everybody, whatever web browser you use and regardless of ability. Have suggestions for improvement or recommendations on how we can make our site more accessible? We value your feedback. Please let us know.


The Armagard site does not use access keys. Although most web browsers support jumping to specific links by using keys defined on the website and this can be a useful feature; accesskeys often conflict with shortcuts defined by your browser or operating system. We chose not to use accesskeys for this reason.

Standards compliance

This site is built on valid XHTML Strict for structure and CSS for presentation.

Our site is best viewed in Firefox, Safari or Opera. Although you’ll experience optimal browsing with one of these browsers, we’ve designed the site to be accessible with any web browser, including Internet Explorer.


You’ll find that many links have titles describing the link in greater detail.

To make our site easy to understand and navigate, we’ve done our best to create link titles that makes sense out of context.

Be aware (or advised) that no links on our site will open in new windows without prior warning.

Text size

To make our site easy to read and accessible, you can increase or decrease the size of text to accommodate your viewing preference.

To change text size in most browsers, choose “View” in the menu bar and then select “Text Size”.

Accessibility Barriers

We realize that our site is not fully compliant with WCAG requirements. We are constantly upgrading our site with an eye toward WCAG requirements and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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