Keyboard & Mouse

Rugged Keyboard

Rugged Keyboard [product image]

An advanced computer peripheral, the rugged keyboard is a NEMA 6P rated device designed to withstand the rigors of extreme working environments. Rugged keyboard is 100% waterproof, has backlit keys & works with any computer with USB connection.

Waterproof keyboard with touchpad

waterproof keyboard with touchpad[product image]

The waterproof keyboard with touchpad is the complete computer peripheral device. As stylish as it is practical, it’s 100% waterproof, dust & dirt proof, ready for action in any environment.

Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard [product image]

Washable waterproof keyboard with integrated button mouse. Durable silicone rubber construction, compatible with any computer via USB (USB to PS/2 adapter supplied).

Medical Keyboard

Medical Keyboard [product image]

completely sealed silicone rubber keyboard for medical use. The integrated button mouse and low profile keys provide an easy to clean all-in-one solution.

Illuminated Keyboard

Illuminated Keyboard

Illuminated keyboard Ideal for dim lit wash-down areas, making it easier to type in low light environments and is fully waterproof to an IP65 rating.

Wireless Medical Mouse

Wireless Medical Mouse [product image]

IP67, anti-microbial washable wireless mouse, easy to clean or disinfect. Ideal for medical use.

Waterproof Mouse

Waterproof Mouse [product image]

NEMA 4X rated optical mouse, waterproof, washable and easy to clean or disinfect. Ideal for scientific or medical use.

Industrial Keyboard

Industrial Keyboard [product image]

Durable Dustproof keyboard for industrial use. Compatible with any computer via USB (PS/2 adapter supplied).

Industrial Mouse

Industrial Mouse [product image]

Dustproof optical mouse ideal for use in dusty or dirty environments. Easy to clean and maintain and compatible with any computer via USB or PS/2.

Integrated Wedge Keyboard and Mouse Options

Wedge keyboard with integrated touch-pad mouse [PKBE-TP product image]

Overview of the Wedge Keyboard & Mouse options available for Armagard enclosures. Please note: These items can only be bought in conjunction with an Armagard enclosure.

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