Totems and Wall Mounts for Samsung OH Monitors

New Product! Samsung OH46F and OH55F Wall Mount

Samsung OH46F and OH55F Wall Mount | product range [product image]

Display your OH series screens in the most profitable position for your business. The OH46F and OH55F Wall Mount comes in flat or tilt options.

New Product! Samsung OH46F and OH55F Mount

Samsung OH46F and OH55F Mount | product range [product image]

Exclusively designed for the Samsung OH series. The OH46F and OH55F Totem allows you to display your digital signage on a wall or floor mount.

Exterior Digital Menu Board

Exterior Digital Menu Board

As used by a leading QSR chain, the Exterior Digital Menu Board allows you to mount one, two or three Samsung OH46F/OH55F displays in the most profitable location for your business.

New Product! Samsung Outdoor Display

Samsung Outdoor Display | product range [product image]

Make a big impact with the Samsung Outdoor Digital Display. Ideal for outdoor advertising that engages customers and generates revenue.

New Product! Samsung OHF Outdoor

Samsung OHF Outdoor | product range [product image]

Wall or floor mounted Outdoor Totem for your 47" Samsung digital signage. Create engaging displays in any location.

New Product! Samsung OH46F Totem

Samsung OH46F Totem | product range [product image]

Displays up to three Samsung screens. The OH46F Totem houses your digital signage media players in a secure, climate-controlled environment.

New Product! Samsung OH55F Totem

Samsung OH55F Totem | product range [product image]

Display and protect your Samsung digital signage with Armagard’s OH55F Totem. Prevents water and dust ingress, extending the life of your media players to their maximum.

Need a bespoke LCD enclosure? We can design and manufacture digital signage enclosures for any outdoor, commercial or industrial application.

Samsung Screen and enclosure articles

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Why Choose a Samsung Wall Mount for OHF, OHA and OHB Screens?

Armagard Samsung wall mount for OH series displays

Learn how to safely install Samsung OH series screens in commercial environments. The Samsung wall mount secures OHF, OHA, and OHB displays to any appropriate wall. You get optimal screen protection and performance from a mount that is Samsung-certified. Here are four reasons why it's an excellent option for your outdoor digital signage.

How to Protect Samsung Digital Signage Displays

How to Protect Samsung Digital Signage Displays

You can protect Samsung digital signage displays with environmental enclosures designed specifically for Samsung screens. Environmental enclosures give Samsung digital signage applications extra protection, which is ideal if you’re using Samsung screens outdoors or in harsh environments.

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