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Airport, Railway Station and Bus Depot Digital Signage Enclosures

digital signage on train station platform

Transportation Digital Signage is increasingly being deployed in airports, train stations and bus terminals across the world. Indeed the market can even be extended to taxi ranks, ferry terminals and cruise ships.

Capitalise on a captive audience

The rise in availability and the reducing costs of flat screens is changing the face of the modern transportation hub. LCD, plasma and increasingly LED screens are now so affordable they can compete with the costs of printing, distributing and mounting static posters. Modern flat screens are also thinner, more compact and have an enhanced picture quality compared to their predecessors, meaning that they occupy less space but have the ability to attract the attention of more passers-by from what is essentially a captive audience.

Armagard LCD enclosure installed at a river boat terminal

Armagard LCD enclosures installed at a river boat terminal.

Keep travellers up to date

In airports, train stations and bus terminals digital signage is being used to keep travellers up to date on arrivals and departures and many also display branded advertising for products and services available in the transportation centre.

Content can be downloaded from a central computer network and updated or changed in the blink of an eye and arrivals and departures update on a real-time basis. The other advantage over static media is the ability to deliver different content at different times of the day e.g. the breakfast menu of a nearby fast food outlet during the early morning commute, versus the dinner menus of local restaurants or the location and availability of hotel rooms in the evenings.

Small screens developed primarily for tablet PCs and mobile phones means that digital signage 'experience' can even be extended to on-board the planes, trains, buses, taxis, ferries and cruise ships to again capitalise on the captive audience.

Custom built dual, side-by-side monitor enclosure on a train platform

Custom built dual, side-by-side monitor enclosure to inform passengers of approaching trains.

Protect your investment

Transportation centres are busy places! People rushing around with heavy bags and suitcases pose a threat to your digital signage screen. Even pigeons or other wildlife that may have taken up residence in a terminal or on a platform have the ability to take down your digital signage network, not to mention dust build-up, leaky roofs or spilt beverages...

Increasingly, transportation digital signage investors are turning to Armagard to protect their digital signage hardware from the everyday rigours of busy concourses or exposed platforms.

Enclosures for digital signage displays

header image showing an aeroplane, train, bus and armagard enclosures used in transportation projects

The Armagard range of Digital Signage Screen Enclosures for use in Transportation scenarios.

Armagard manufacture an extensive range of landscape and portrait enclosures, freestanding outdoor enclosures and freestanding indoor enclosures for LCD, plasma and LED screens.

Some of the projects Armagard has provided digital signage protection solutions for include; over 100 LCD enclosures for the New Delhi Airport Metro Express system, 150 custom made 19" single and dual LCD monitor enclosures for a Swedish railway system and LCD enclosures for Thames riverboat terminals.

Our enclosures protect their digital signage screens 24 hours a day, seven days a week from knocks and scrapes, vandalism, theft, wind, rain, heat, cold - almost anything you can think of!

Make you digital signage hardware work harder for longer

Armagard enclosures do more than just encase a digital signage screen. All of our enclosures provide a unique microenvironment to make you digital signage hardware work harder for longer.

An Armagard Digital Signage Enclosure can:

  • Protect any size screen - our enclosure range covers screens ranging from 19" to over 70"
  • Protects your digital signage screen form the elements - our enclosures are fully weatherproof and waterproof and can tolerate external temperatures ranging from -20°F to over 100°F
  • Prevents damage to the enclosed equipment with high impact polycarbonate or toughened anti-reflective glass
  • Prevents damage to the enclosed equipment from dust build up and 'hot spots' by circulating filtered air around the enclosure and across the screen
  • Eliminate stress and strain on mechanical components by maintaining a thermostatically controlled internal temperature
  • Future compliance - upgrade or replace your hardware within the same enclosure (some of our customers are still using their original enclosures for 3rd and 4th generation hardware)

Whether your transportation business uses digital signage to inform, advertise, or communicate to your customers and employees; Armagard has a Transportation Digital Signage Protection solution that fits your requirements.

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