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JayMarc AV for Joint Rivers, Using Armagard Enclosures Designed Exclusively For Samsung OH55F Screens

JayMarc AV Triple Screen Armagard Enclosure

Triple Screen Armagard Enclosure System Featuring 55" Samsung OHF Series Screens.

New Drive Thru Digital Signage Solution for Cannabis Dispensary

Armagard worked with JayMarc AV to provide a drive thru digital signage solution for Washington-based cannabis dispensary, Joint Rivers.

About Joint Rivers

Joint Rivers is one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in the USA’s Pacific Northwest region, supplying cannabis products for medicinal and recreational consumption.

The Challenge

Let down by a previous digital signage hardware supplier, despite placing an order 8 months prior to the installation date, JayMarc faced missing the project deadline for the opening of Joint Rivers’ new drive thru dispensing lane.

As this was Joint Rivers’ first venture into digital signage, JayMarc AV were pressed to find an alternative solution to meet the cannabis dispensary’s fast-approaching deadline.

Joint Rivers needed an aesthetically pleasing digital signage network that could operate in an outdoor environment, while JayMarc required a solution that could accommodate the 55” Samsung OHF series screens they already had in stock for the project. With the deadline looming, the lead time was tight.

With a need to advertise, boost point of sale upselling and sell advertising space to vendor partners, Joint Rivers wanted to get their digital drive thru screens up and running, fast.

JayMarc AV Partners with Armagard

A visit to the Digital Signage Expo event in Las Vegas alerted JayMarc AV to Armagard’s exclusive enclosure range, designed specifically to protect Samsung OHF screens.

Having used enclosures before - provided by a different manufacturer - to supply previous customers, JayMarc had encountered problems with moisture and environmental control when placing screens behind glass.

In need of an all-encompassing, drive thru digital signage system that protects against moisture, dust and the outside elements, while providing supreme environmental control, JayMarc recommended Armagard’s Samsung OH55F Totem enclosure to Joint Rivers.

Samsung’s NEMA 4-rated OHF55 screens protect against moisture, dust and the outside elements, plus they can operate in temperatures as low as -22°F and up to 122°F. Meanwhile, the upper section of Armagard’s Samsung OH55F Totem enclosure frames the screens for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The lower section of the enclosure provides supreme environmental control for the network’s media players and additional electronics, keeping them operational in temperatures as low as -22°F and up to 104°F. Plus, AV equipment is protected from water ingress.

The Result

Dual Screen Armagard Enclosure System

Dual Screen Armagard Enclosure System Exclusively for Samsung OHF Screens.

Joint Rivers opted for custom-made versions of Armagard’s enclosures in gray, designed specifically for Samsung OH55F screens, which included a triple and dual screen system.

Armagard delivered on the custom project within 3 – 4 weeks, in time for the drive thru lane’s grand opening!

Now, the cannabis dispensary is the first of its kind in Washington State to offer a drive thru service.

Since installing outdoor digital signage, Joint Rivers has experienced increased customer retention, repeat business and more sales, with the drive thru lane offering its clientele a more discreet way to purchase marijuana.

As the first of its kind in Washington State, the installation even attracted interest from local news stations, including a report broadcast by Komo News.

Project Coordinator at JayMarc, Rochelle Calderon, said: “Armagard’s ability to meet Joint Rivers’ short timeframe for the project made them the standout choice and an easy recommendation. Having looked at what Armagard did, as a manufacturer, they fit the bill.”

The Armagard Samsung OHF55 Totem

Armagard's Triple Screen, Samsung OH55F Totem

Armagard's Triple Screen, Samsung OH55F Totem Featured in a Local News Report Following Installation.

Available as a standard, ‘ready to go’ solution, Armagard’s Samsung OH55F Totem is the latest in outdoor enclosure design innovation.

Engineered to manage airflow and ensure the temperature around screens remains cool and consistent, the upper section of the enclosure improves screen performance and lifespan, while state-of-the-art environmental control regulates temperatures in the lower section.

Installation is simple. The totem can be assembled on site with two people, or an eye bolt on top of the unit makes it easy for a crane to install the totem in any location, while a practical design makes screen and media player upgrades quick and convenient.

Lasting up to 10 years with a five-year warranty, the totem represents an excellent return on investment and value for money.

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