Industrial Computer Monitor Enclosures: What Protection Do You Get?

Industrial Computer Monitor Enclosures

Industrial computer monitor enclosures do more than protect equipment crucial to your operation. They form the foundation on which to protect your entire production process and your business reputation. Here’s a breakdown of what industrial computer protection gives you long-term.

Industrial computer monitor enclosures are the first line of defense for computer systems used in hostile environments.

This is their primary purpose.

However, they are of greater value to the long-term sustainability of your operation.

Manufactured to protect computer systems in dirty, dusty working environments, computer monitor enclosures enable you to setup any PC system in a factory, manufacturing plant, a scrap metal yard and more. If you need to protect a computer system from the rigors of your working environment, an industrial computer monitor enclosure will do the job.

In What Ways Does An Industrial Computer Monitor Enclosure Protect?

Industrial computer monitor enclosures tough environments

Industrial computer monitor enclosures are built for the rigors of tough environments.

Computer monitor enclosures are manufactured to all types of specifications to suit any application. You can choose from various models to protect different monitor sizes and you can customize units to suit specific workplace environments.

Typically manufactured using powder coated mild steel, with a viewing window made from shatterproof polycarbonate, industrial computer enclosures are tough by design, providing external protection that reduces the risk of accidental or intentional damage to equipment.

Housed within an enclosure, your computer equipment is further protected against dust, dirt and grease build up, which – over time – can cause potential computer malfunctions.

An enclosure provides a level of thermal management, too.

In a harsh environment, standard computer equipment cannot survive without protection. A combination of dust and dirt build up, plus high temperatures, would result in computer fans working doubly hard to keep the system operating.

This will eventually lead to fan failure, computer overheating and ultimately, the system will breakdown. The computer will then need repairing or replacing, which is not ideal if the system is part of your day to day operations.

An industrial computer enclosure is equipped to combat these threats.

Let’s open up a protective industrial monitor cabinet to show you the inner workings:

  • Internal fans... Computers require good air circulation to aid the cooling of components. Industrial computer monitor enclosures are fitted with internal fans to supplement your computer’s own built in fans. The temperature control qualities of an enclosure help to reduce the strain on your equipment, therefore extending its lifespan.
  • Surge protection... If your industrial facility uses a lot of mains electricity, there’s the possibility of power surges and electrical spikes, which can cause critical computer malfunctions. An industrial computer cabinet protects against power surges and electrical spikes, reducing the risk of a complete computer shutdown.
  • Heating and air conditioning... Heating and air conditioning is usually an optional extra, added to an enclosure for computer protection in extreme temperatures ranging from 23°F to 104°F.

    If you are using computer systems in temperatures below freezing or in an environment as hot as a foundry, you can customize an enclosure to include these components.

  • Water repellant seals... Water repellant seals keep out liquids, which is ideal for washdown processes. You can clean down your industrial monitor enclosures without the risk of causing water damage to computers. The seals stop the entry of dust and dirt too, keeping it on the outside enabling you to wipe it away.

Entire Operational Protection

single PC, protection is needed

If your operation relies entirely on a computer network or a single PC, protection is needed.

The practical protection that industrial computer monitor enclosures provide is only part of the story.

The real value comes from the long-term operational protection of your computer systems. Protect your computer equipment and you protect your processes, protecting your business overall.

If you consider how crucial computer systems are to your process, for example, how integral they are to the daily running of your business and how much data they hold that you need access to, what would your business look like with those crucial computer systems out of action...?

  • It could mean business operations stop
  • It could mean staff are left unable to perform their duties
  • It could mean orders don’t get processed
  • It could mean you miss deadlines
  • It could mean the loss of hours, days or even weeks of trade
  • It could mean you lose key customers

...When looked at from the perspective of protecting your entire business operation, computer monitor enclosures prove to be an important piece of industrial equipment.

Long-Term Protection Provided by Computer Enclosures

Industrial computer monitor enclosures give you a flexible, cost-effective solution for protecting IT equipment in tough workplace environments.

The benefits of computer enclosure protection extend beyond keeping your systems operational, they serve to protect your entire business operation and your reputation.

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