Top Manufacturing Floor Pain Points Conquered [Free Downloadable Guide]

Top Manufacturing Floor Pain Points Conquered

The modern manufacturing floor is plagued with pain points. As technology, machinery and processes have evolved, so have the challenges. With those challenges in mind, Armagard’s 7-page guide will help your manufacturing floor conquer some of those pain points.

What’s the “Conquering Manufacturing Floor Pain Points” Guide About?

The increasing use of computers to improve manufacturing productivity has brought with it a fresh set of pain points for manufacturing floors all over the world. The guide – ‘Improve Manufacturing Productivity with Protected Computers’ – tackles 7 common pain points caused by computers on the manufacturing floor and how you can conquer them.

Why a Guide?

It’s fantastic to see more computers being installed right at the heart of the action as they are a great replacement for old-school, paper-based processes. However, too many manufacturing plants are integrating ‘office’ standard computers on the manufacturing floor without any thought for protection.

Obviously, the typical computer is not designed to withstand the gruelling environment of most modern day manufacturing floors, but that doesn’t stop some facilities installing them anyway.

That’s bad. With those computers playing an integral part in the manufacturing process, you stand to lose so much more than just computer equipment. Let’s paint you a picture:

  • Pain point one – Computer breaks down right in the middle of a big order.
  • Pain point two – Manufacturing grinds to halt.
  • Pain point three – For every minute that passes you’re losing money in labour costs, material waste and utilities.
  • Pain point four – Computer break down results in the loss of data.
  • Pain point five – You’re forced to spend on computer repair or replacement.
  • Pain point six – You can’t meet the order resulting in severe financial and reputational damage.
  • Pain point seven – The ultimate kick in the teeth – loss of market share.

This guide exists to raise awareness of the importance of computer protection on the manufacturing floor, and the consequences for your manufacturing plant as a whole, should you fail to protect your key computer equipment.

Equally, it raises awareness of an inexpensive, flexible solution that exists for manufacturing floors that will enable them to introduce computers safely and reduce the risk of a manufacturing floor meltdown.

Who is the guide for?

Production operatives, manufacturing floor managers

Production operatives, manufacturing floor managers and more can benefit from this guide.

Any business that manufactures anything and is using ‘office’ standard computers in a manufacturing environment. It can be distributed among manufacturing personnel as part of team meetings to educate on the importance of computer protection.

From CEO to manufacturing floor personnel, the guide exists to improve manufacturing productivity and that’s a cause that you, your staff and your business can get behind.

How will this guide help you?

The guide tackles 7 key manufacturing floor pain points caused by computers. It’s based on research into the common pitfalls manufacturing plants face after computer installation on the manufacturing floor has occurred.

The guide discusses an essential piece of equipment that can conquer these 7 manufacturing floor pain points, enabling manufacturing plants to reduce the risk of downtime and improve manufacturing productivity long-term.

Where can you get the guide?

Right here. Click the link...

‘Improve Manufacturing Productivity with Protected Computers’

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