Introducing The Outdoor TV Enclosure

Why Buy An Outdoor TV Enclosure? Three Reasons:

  • Versatility: Use the TV of your choice in home and commercial locations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cheaper than purpose-built outdoor TVs.
  • Durability: Provides up to 10 years of outdoor TV protection.

Robust and reliable, the enclosure protects backyard entertainment systems and outdoor digital signage networks across America.

Sealed to NEMA 4 standards, the enclosure is weatherproof and can be wall, ceiling, or stand mounted, for installation in almost any environment. Components operate independently of each other, making maintenance and hardware upgrades quick and easy.

Outdoor TV Enclosure | PDS Series [product image]

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At a glance:

Screen Size:
19" to 85" (All Sizes Below)
Powder-Coated Mild Steel
Wall, Ceiling, or Stand
NEMA Rating:
Product Code:

Unique Outdoor TV Enclosure Features (For Fully Outdoor Units In Standard Sizes)

Your outdoor TV cabinet is available in semi-outdoor or full-outdoor specifications. A fully outdoor-ready enclosure is recommended for complete weather protection:

  • Plenum chamber ventilation system: Advanced technology that prevents overheating.
  • Internal heating system: Stops screens dropping below their ideal operating temperature.
  • Low maintenance: Quickly and easily swap screens, upgrade hardware, change filters, and more.
  • Anti-reflective glass viewing window: Shatterproof screen protection that reduces glare in direct sunlight.

What Sizes Are Available?

The outdoor TV enclosure is available to fit screens in the following sizes: 19", 24", 32", 42", 47", 49", 52", 55", 60", 65", 70", 72", 75", and 85".

Purchase a screen directly from Armagard or buy an enclosure on its own. The enclosure uses a VESA mounting system that’s universal to most manufacturers, so you can use the TV of your choice.

Need A One-Off Or Custom Enclosure?

Armagard’s design engineers can build outdoor TV enclosures to any specification. You can add extra features to the standard enclosure design, such as additional air conditioning and heating that protect a screen in any climate.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the outdoor screen enclosure varies according its specifications. Please call us for prices specific to the enclosure type you need and the additional features you require.

How Long Does It Take To Build And Deliver?

Delivery times are subject to the design specification of your enclosure.

Working to a deadline? Contact us directly, on +1-866-434-0807, for build and delivery time estimates.

Key Benefits Of The Outdoor TV Enclosure

    Money-Saving Benefits:

  • Protects almost any conventional LCD TV, so you avoid repair and replacement costs when using a screen outdoors.
  • Less expensive than a dedicated outdoor TV.

    Practical Benefits:

  • Industry-rated NEMA 4 protection against dust, dirt, liquid ingress, and physical impact.
  • Low maintenance and no need for lengthy cleaning.
  • Simple to install and easy to access.
  • Wall, ceiling, or stand mountable.

    Bonus Benefit:

  • Custom-build service available.

    After-Sales Benefits:

  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to install.
  • Five-year warranty covers all mechanical parts.
  • One-year warranty on all electrical components.
  • Product support forum available.
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