Outdoor Digital Signage & Simplicity – Take it easy on yourself

Outdoor digital signage can be a veritable minefield of pitfalls, challenges and unforeseen events that can make even the best thought out plans fall to pieces, especially if you are trying to establish a return on investment.

And that is the crux of any digital advertising campaign, indoors or out. If your signage campaign is aimed at increasing sales then you will need to have increased them by at least the initial outlay for your digital signage campaign. But if things go wrong, that elusive ROI can get further and further away.

One of the biggest problems with outdoor digital signage is the amount of challenges you have to think about:

• Temperature control
• Coping with sun glare
• Protecting from vandalism

And this are on top the regular challenges that indoor digital signage installers face such as uploading and creating new content.

outdoor digital signage at a cinema

Armagard outdoor digital signage at a cinema

With so many things to think about, it is not too surprising when you learn that even the best thought out outdoor digital signage campaigns, can and do go wrong. However, to cut down the chances of things going wrong you need to keep the outdoor digital signage campaign simple.

There are many different facets to outdoor digital signage:

• The screen
• The digital signage enclosure
• The media player/network

So ensuring they all operate in perfect harmony and are fail safe is one way of eliminating breakdown. Keeping things simple is one way of reducing the potential for breakdown or failing to achieve your goals when it comes to content.

By using a screen in a simple outdoor digital signage enclosure, a basic network or media player and simple content – you can always get more adventurous later on once you know the outdoor digital screen is functioning well and is creating the extra revenue or awareness you hoped it would.

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