6 Commercial Benefits of Stadium Digital Signage

#1 – Advertising

Digital Signage in Stadiums

Digital signage in stadiums is great for advertising.

Stadium crowds are a ready-made audience for sponsors and advertisers who will pay a premium to get their brand in front of key demographics for a couple of hours. Stadium advertising is unique, because at no other venue do you have thousands of people gathered together for an extended period of time.

This represents a massive opportunity for sponsors and advertisers to boost brand awareness and run digital content campaigns that connect with target audiences.

For your arena, digital signage is a huge revenue generating asset. You can rent out your screens to advertisers for a fee. Multiply those fees per advertiser, per event and your digital signage network pays for itself. The ROI potential is massive.

#2 – Merchandise Sales

Sports fans and music lovers can’t resist merchandise from their favourite sports team or music artist, and digital signage is a great way to drive merchandise sales and build loyalty. Whether it’s an official club shop that’s part of your stadium or a pop up merchandise stand for a one off event or music tour, digital signage is a great way to promote products.

#3 – Food and Drink Sales

Food and drink are big business at stadium venues, with many arenas relying on sales to boost the bottom line. Digital menu boards are fast becoming the norm across stadium food courts as operators aim to improve menu presentation and cut costs.

Not only does digital signage make menus look more appetising and boost food and drink sales, it cuts food court operating costs. Rather than having to reprint menus every time you want to add a new item, you can update digital menu content on the spot, at no extra cost.

#4 – Hospitality

As a multipurpose venue, your stadium can host business meetings, conferences and even weddings. Digital signage can be included as part of any corporate or wedding reception event packages, enabling you to upsell your hospitality services.

Making digital signage available for corporate and private functions gives your stadium a professional edge that people will pay for.

#5 – Executive Boxes

Upgrade your stadium’s executive boxes by installing a digital signage system, and command a higher annual or rental fee. Digital signage enables people to experience stadium events in comfort, treating them to a memorable hospitality experience. Equally, advertisers would pay a premium to advertise via screens in executive boxes.

#6 – Stadium Tours

Fans of sports teams love to indulge in stadium tours, seeing behind the scenes and walking in the footsteps of their heroes. Digital signage can add a virtual experience to any stadium tour, enabling you to offer more as part of your tour packages and driving additional ticket sales.

People expect an experience and digital signage will add something different to your stadium tour.

Digital Signage Makes Sense for Stadiums

In a society familiar with screen interaction via smartphones, tablets and HD TVs, the absence of screens in a space as big as a stadium is unthinkable. With so many interaction points, whether its food and drink courts, the stadium concourse or the arena shop, digital signage engages crowds.

What crowds remember is the experience, and digital signage improves that experience, which has a positive impact on your stadium. Digital signage will set off a chain of events that results in:

  • Filling more seats
  • Attracting more sponsors and advertisers
  • Food and drink sales increasing
  • An enhanced reputation as a hospitality venue
  • Your bottom line increasing

Ultimately, digital signage adds value to your stadium, improving the experience for the crowd, while cutting arena operating costs and generating more revenue!

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