Digital Signage Expo 2016 | Catch Armagard at the show or follow-up with us

Hi, Digital Signage Expo 2016 delegates. Hope you’re enjoying the show so far. If you’re reading this, it means you’re trying to look us up. So, we’ve prepared this for your reference during the show and to follow-up with us post-event.

Armagard at the Digital Signage Expo

If the Armagard name is new to you, head to our DSE 2016 exhibitor page for ‘at a glance’ information. You can find us at booth 1034, where Armagard representatives can demo and walk you through the outdoor digital signage supplies on-stand.

DSE 2016 Floorplan

We are here: Access your DSE floorplan to get your bearings.

This is Armagard’s 6th year at the show. We have a strong affiliation with the Digital Signage Expo event and would call ourselves seasoned exhibitors. The Digital Signage Expo team kindly awarded us with a trophy for attending five years in a row in 2015.

Armagard also won the DSE 2015 tweet of the week competition, earning ourselves a $50 Amazon voucher, which we were happy about of course.

Meet the Armagard team at the Digital Signage Expo 2016

For the Digital Signage Expo 2016, the stand will be manned by representatives based in the US and from as far as the UK, with years of combined industry experience – too many to put a number on. Come and introduce yourself to our friendly team...

DSE 2016 Mark Neal,
Armagard’s Managing Director.

DSE 2016 Keith Britton
Armagard’s Sales Manager.

DSE 2016 Paul McCabe,
Armagard’s US Territory Representative.

DSE 2016 Michael Fanslow,
Armagard’s US Territory Representative.

DSE 2016 Joshua Reece,
Armagard’s Junior Marketing Executive.

Armagard’s outdoor digital signage supplies on-stand

For 2016, we’ve brought along eight of our award-winning outdoor digital signage solutions, the biggest range since we began attending the show. We are excited to be showcasing some brand new innovations, along with classic products used all over the world.

One to lookout for

Outdoor digital Sinage Totem

Undoubtedly, the unit to get your hands on is the all-new, 42 - 55 inch outdoor digital signage totem. This is the quintessential unit for the $782.7 billion, US Quick Service Restaurant industry.

Revolutionizing the drive-thru experience, the restaurant industry chooses this unit because of its cost-cutting attributes and its ability to drive sales.

Its earning potential delivers a swift return on investment, enhancing its total cost of ownership appeal.

This system is the future of drive-thru menus, replacing static, unappealing printed menus with an attractive image or video display of food, drink and dessert items.

The significant benefit to you is that drive-thru digital menu boards have the potential to boost sales by 3-5%.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards NEMA 4 rated

Outdoor digital menu boards

Your 47" Outdoor Digital Menu Boards provide you with a creative & appealing way to showcase your menu, adding a further touch of class to your establishment and enhancing your appeal to diners.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards free you from the hassle of changing static menu boards. From one central point, you can control any menu changes.

No more putting up or taking menus down & no recurring printing costs just to change one menu item. Additionally, you can quickly switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus without delays.

Ask an Armagard representative on stand about customization options and costs.

The Stunning, 55” Digital Signage Enclosure NEMA 4 | Outdoor Ready

Digital signage totem

Armagard’s unique, Digital Signage Totem.

A masterpiece in enclosure engineering, installation of your 55", high-performance Outdoor Digital Screen removes your need to rely on print advertising - cutting costs, reducing paper usage and making your business more environmentally friendly.

Get an Outdoor Digital Screen dedicated solely to your products and services, free of competitors’ content. Enjoy financial and advertising independence with Outdoor Digital Screens.

The 55" Outdoor Digital Screen gets your audience’s attention, converting bystanders into customers. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and has a lifespan of 10 years+. Use your Outdoor Digital Screen to inspire interest, drive sales, & raise revenue.

42" & 52" LCD Enclosures – Portrait & Landscape NEMA 4 | Outdoor Ready

LCD Enclosures portrait

New to the range, the 42" Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure is designed to better facilitate eye-level viewing.

It serves well as a public information board and digital menu for restaurants.

The unit will keep screens operational in temperatures ranging between -22°F – +131°F (with air-conditioning). Plus, it features Armagard’s brand new controller board, fitted as standard.

LCD Enclosure

The classic, landscape LCD enclosure will be on show, featuring the 42" and 52" versions.

Both versions are equipped with Armagard’s brand new controller board, which allows users to control the environmental settings of the units in cold climates.

You can adjust temperatures, control fans & control electronics to suit seasonal changes. The units also feature anti-reflective glass, which prevents screen glare and overheating by deflecting the sun’s rays.

32" Waterproof LCD Enclosure NEMA 4 | Washdown Ready

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Designed with industrial environments in mind, the 32" Waterproof LCD Enclosure is manufactured using 316 (food grade) stainless steel.

The unit is ideal for facilities where high hygiene standards are paramount.

Sealed to NEMA 4 industry standard, the unit is fully waterproof & robust, ready-made to deal with the rigors of industrial environments.

This unique unit gives industrial businesses a digital signage option.

Connect with Armagard

If you’re reading this on-site at the Las Vegas Convention Center, come and talk to us on-stand [booth 1034] - we look forward to seeing you.

If you’re following-up, post-event, give us a call on 1-866-434-0807 to talk to Paul McCabe or Michael Fanslow. Now they’re back in the office they can supply you with more information, understand your project requirements or take your order. They will look forward to hearing from you again.

For continuous Armagard updates, connect with us via our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn.