Home Digital Signage: Why Homeowners Are Buying Digital Displays

Home Digital Signage

Digital signage has found its way into the family home. Homeowners are making the most of digital displays to bring order and structure to family life. If you’re looking for an interactive way to organize your family routines, then a home digital signage system is the answer. Here’s why...

Family life can get busy. Keeping track of daily schedules, whether it’s after school clubs, business trips or medical appointments, can be a challenge. Like most households, you have probably tried family notice boards, calendars or messages and reminders on your refrigerator, to plan and organize family life.

However, it is likely that a family member will still miss a message or reminder. Dad forgets about little Demi’s dance recital or Mom forgets to pick Mason up from soccer practice... whoops. It happens… that’s life.

Home Digital Signage Can Organize Family Life

A home digital signage system can help you to better organize your family routine. Here are a couple of interesting statistics that sort of relate to where I’m going with this:

  • (1) According to the Pew Research Center 1, a third of Americans live in a household with three or more smartphones.
  • (2) The average American will check their smartphone 52 times day, according to Deloitte. 2

‘What do either of those statistics have to do with a home digital signage system, Daniel?’ You might ask.

Hypothetically, let’s think of a smartphone as a mini digital signage system. Each family member interacts with their device 52 times a day.

If family members interact with their smartphone more than 50 times a day, it’s possible that they are more likely to engage with a home digital signage system.

Here’s the important bit. The family is much more likely to retain the information that is on the screen.

Dad doesn’t miss little Demi’s dance recital and Mom doesn’t forget to pick Mason up from soccer practice… phew!

The Biggest Advantage of a Digital Signage System at Home

You can centralize daily schedules in one place with a digital calendar. You can track what the family is up to all day, every day, while organizing your own daily routine.

In a case study published by Rise Vision 3, typical family man Mat Meiers installed a digital signage display at the heart of his home… the kitchen.

This is where much of family life in the Meiers’ home is spent.

He uses a home digital signage system to display a calendar, to do lists, grocery lists and more, which family members can easily access and view.

Mat explains why he decided to use a digital display: “When I’m at home in my kitchen, which is the main traffic area, I want to be able to go to one centralized screen location (instead of several paper lists and calendars on the fridge and wall), so I can view and add things to a calendar, grocery and to do list.”

Mat is just one example of many people who have brought digital signage into the home to organize family life.

Synchronize Home Digital Signage with Smartphones

Another plus point of a home digital signage system is that you can synchronize content with smartphones.

You can program your digital display to send out messages and reminders while family members are on the go.

For example, if a family member is out and about and needs reminding of a medical appointment, you can program your home digital signage system to send an alert directly to their smartphone.

Switch Up Your Digital Signage System

You don’t have to restrict your home digital signage to organizing family life, you can switch it up to combine work and family life.

If you work from home, you can use your digital signage display to host or dial into virtual meetings.

To keep younger children at the kitchen dining table at meal times, transform the screen into an entertainment system.

Digital signage is widely being deployed as a smart system for homes, too. You can manage security, heating, lighting and even refrigerator settings with a digital display.

Home digital signage can serve as a multipurpose system that functions for all aspects of family life.

Digital signage in a home office

Digital signage works well in a home office.

Protecting Digital Signage in the Home

With the rise of home digital signage comes the need for a few precautions, typically when it comes to protecting displays.

Use of a digital display, in a kitchen for example, exposes screens to things that you would not expose your typical screen to.

The kitchen is a place of cooking, where steam and condensation, warmer temperatures, grease and more, can occur.

To avoid condensation, rising temperatures and grease causing damage to your home digital signage system, an enclosure is the ideal solution.

For an enclosure that takes up minimal space, while protecting your digital signage system from everyday life, it’s worth taking a look at a lightweight, slim profile enclosure.

slim profile enclosure ideal for protecting home digital signage system

A slim profile enclosure is perfect for protecting your home digital signage system.

Not only would a slim profile solution hang neatly on your wall, you can use any screen you like and change or upgrade a display whenever you need to.

An enclosure is easy to access and easy to maintain.

Enclosures are a theft deterrent too, preventing the removal of your home digital signage system in the event of a break in.

You can self-install an enclosure, plus it’s a far more cost-effective, long-term solution for families on a budget.

Let’s Talk Digital Signage for Your Home

Home digital signage is a growing trend for many reasons, here’s a couple:

  • (1) It helps to organize family life.
  • (2) It helps facilitate people working from home – which is becoming more common. According to recent data from the US Census 4, more than 5 percent of Americans (8 million people) now work from home.

If you want a better work-life balance, or you simply want to organize family life in a way all family members will interact with, then home digital signage is a forward thinking solution suited to everyday life.

Talk to us about digital signage for your home, today. Call +1-866-434-0807 to discuss the latest solutions, now.

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