An Indoor Advertising Display for Twenty First Century Communication

When it comes to communication in public spaces, whether that’s a retail store, shopping mall, hotel, airport or train station, an indoor advertising display provides a flexible, eye-catching and multipurpose form of messaging that is unmatched by other forms of messaging. Modern, engaging and effective at reaching out to large numbers of people an indoor advertising display is signage for the digital age.

Communication in large public buildings such as hotels, retail stores and transport hubs has always been a challenge for advertisers. Static adverts and posters have theirs uses, but when information needs to be regularly updated, or changed to match specific times of the day, finding a flexible form of communication has traditionally posed a challenge. Now with the rise of the digital advertising display  flexible advertising becomes straightforward.

Controlling Content of an Indoor Advertising Display

The biggest advantage of an indoor advertising display is in its ability to upload content immediately and remotely. Screens that are wired up to a network can have content uploaded from a central media player, this enables indoor advertising displays over a large area to have the same content displayed on the screen. Furthermore, content on these indoor advertising displays can be scheduled to meet the demands of certain times of day and certain crowds. This enables businesses such as restaurants to display breakfast promotions in the morning and lunchtime adverts during the day.

Another great benefit of this flexibility with a digital advertising display is the maximization of the advertising space. A single advertising display can contain multiple adverts, one after the other. This enables multiple advertisers to reach the same audience in one location.

Engaging Content in an Indoor Advertising Display

Because content is digital, an indoor advertising display can do far more than just display static images and promotions. With transitions, moving images and even sound, the digital content is far more engaging than traditional forms of outdoor media.

Digital advertising displays are being used to promote films, video games and other media, allowing customers to see actual footage, something other outdoor adverts are unable to do. For retailers, it also provides opportunities to show off products in HD technology, allowing the rich colors of the screen to show off the products appeal. Restaurants, for instance, can use moving images of show steam coming from food or moisture dripping from beverage glasses, helping to tantalize the audience into visiting the establishment.

With an indoor advertising display, advertising becomes more noticeable, more effective and reaches more people than with static media, helping to drive sales, push promotions and generate revenue.


An indoor advertising display raises the profile of any location. Form shopping malls to hotels, having a modern, dynamic system to reach out to customers, raises the profile of a business and gives a modern aesthetic. Traditional advertisements can easily become ripped, faded, or worn, but modern HD digital content remains bright and vibrant, regardless of age.

Installing an indoor advertising display is simple with many of the modern floor standing and standalone digital advertising displays. Positioned in areas of high footfall, an advertising display will soon generate a return on investment for advertisers or for businesses that wants to generate an extra revenue stream.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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