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Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals. Richard N Williams Google+

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Screen Protection – 4 Leisure Industry Cases which Boosted Messaging

Bangor Aurora Aquatic

Providing up to the minute news and information is a critical component of many leisure industry facilities, but as environments can vary dramatically, these areas require a flexible solution. This is why Armagard’s LCD enclosures are becoming the screen protection system of choice for many in the leisure industry.

All Year LCD Weather Protection with an Outdoor Television Cabinet

Armagard environmental testing chamber

An outdoor television cabinet will keep all the harmful weather elements away from the enclosed TV. Rain, snow and hail, can all lead to permanent failure of the LCD or plasma screen, so the outdoor television cabinet is designed to prevent any ingress of these elements. Outdoor television cabinets are built to NEMA, which ensure that the enclosure is fit for use in outdoor areas.

How to use TV screens in Hostile Environments

TVs have come along way over the last decade or so. The old cathode ray tubes that have sat in our living rooms since the 50’s are now virtually obsolete, with the flat screen LCD, plasma and LED screen becoming ubiquitous inside, and more recently, outside our homes .

Industrial Computer Enclosure – Protection for Shop Floor Computers

Computers, printers, monitors and LCD screens are as useful a tool for the shop floor environment as they are in offices and the home. IT systems can save a fortune when production lines are automated and can increase efficiency and cut down dramatically on waste.


Don’t let a broken digital signage screen damage your ROI

When investing in digital signage, one of the main concerns people have is getting a return on the investment. Digital signage costs money. With the price of screens, media players, content creation and installation far from cheap, working out when this investment starts to pay off is not only difficult, but is made more complicated by the unforeseen.

Wall Mounted Outdoor TV Cabinet for Home and Business

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets provide comprehensive protection to allow a TV screen to be taken outdoors. Firstly, the cabinet has to protect from the weather; this doesn’t just include keeping out rain and other elements, but also means the TV screen is protected from the variable outdoor temperatures. In the summer, this means keeping the screen cool enough that it won’t overheat, while in the winter, the wall mounted outdoor TV cabinet has to ensure the enclosed TV doesn’t succumb to freezing.

Protecting PCs in Manufacturing Locations

An industrial computer cabinet can house generation after generation of PC, which not only enables the very latest hardware to be used in the manufacturing location, but also it means that the cabinet provides just a single investment that can be used for years and years to come.

Protecting Manufacturing Computers from Dust

Dust proof computer enclosures are essential in manufacturing locations because of the effects dust can have on a PC. Dust can cause all sorts of problems. Firstly, dust clogs up filters and causes computers to overheat, which will lead to failure of the PC and the frequent need to replace the computer. Secondly, dust clogs up moving parts, such as hard drives and fans, further leading to computer failure, and finally, dust can contain conductive elements so if allowed to get inside a PC it can lead to short circuits, which will again disable the PC.

Protection for Computers From Dust and Airborne Debris

Most computer administrators are aware of the problems dust can cause to computers and other electrical equipment. Even in the relatively dust-free environments of our offices and homes dust will permeate a computer enclosure. Armagard specialize in protection for computers against so called ‘dust bunnies.’

Outdoor Digital Signage Top five Applications

While indoor digital signage is everywhere, from gas stations to convenience stores, airports to shopping malls, outdoor digital signage is not as ubiquitous. Due to the higher costs and the need to protect screens form the elements, outdoor digital signage is not yet as popular as indoor signage, but the medium is growing exponentially, with more and more outdoor screens being installed in various locations, and for various applications.