Coping with Contamination with an Industrial Touch Screen

The industrial touch screen  computer has become a stalwart for industry. Due to the demands of a shop floor environment, an industrial PC touch screen device is the only way to control processes and machinery safely and reliably in an industrial location.

Shop floor environments vary across different industries, from food production facilities with chilled environments and regular wash down, distribution centers where dust can accumulate, to factory floors, where machinery and fork trucks require areas need to be kept clear of wiring and trip hazards. All this means that using standard computer systems is virtually impossible in many industrial type locations, which is why the industrial touch screen PC is a necessity.

Industrial Touch Screen Protection

Standard computers are not designed for these types of environment. Any PC operating in a wash down area will soon succumb to the liberal use of water, while dusty environments will lead to the clogging up of filters, causing overheating and failure. Varied temperatures too will make life difficult for standard PC hardware, so any PC destined for operation on the shop floor requires protection in some form of industrial computer enclosure.

An industrial touch screen machine is kitted out with just such protection. The PC is housed inside a protective cabinet that keeps out moisture, dust and maintains a stable internal temperature for the computer to operate within. It does leave one problem, however, in that a standard keyboard and mouse is often still required to control the device. Keyboards and computer mice are just as susceptible to these same hazards as a PC. Dust and moisture will soon clog up such input devices, while the leads attaching the keyboard and mouse can cause a trip hazard.

Compact and Simple

The solution is to get rid of these devices altogether, and use an industrial PC touch screen interface to allow operators to control the computer program directly on the screen. This has several benefits. Firstly, an industrial touch screen doesn’t have the wiring issues that can cause a trip hazard. While industrial keyboards and wireless mouse systems do provide some sort of solution, often they are vulnerable to getting misplaced or getting in the way of the operator. By doing away with them altogether, the industrial PC touch screen interface allows the same control without the hazards.

Secondly, the industrial touch screen computer is more compact. By being contained in a single unit, the industrial PC touch screen sits out of the way and provides space saving in areas where often space is limited; an industrial touch screen can be mounted on walls or on the side of machines.

Finally, an industrial PC touch screen interface simplifies the computer system. Software that utilizes touch screens have a need to be simpler, reducing the training time for operators and making it less likely that errors will occur. industrial touch screen computers are used in a wide range of industries in a wide range of environment, enabling trouble free computing in areas where repair and breakdown can often be costly. Simple to operate, easy to maintain and with the ability to repair devices on site, an industrial touch screen computer enclosure is the ideal solution for the demands of modern industrial locations.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

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