Digital signage success: What does it look like?

There’s a golden rule to achieving digital signage success. With years of experience in the digital signage arena, Armagard reveals what it takes to make digital signage successful.

The Golden Rule of Digital Signage Success

You can invest in the fanciest, most expensive digital signage network in the world, but there’s just one factor that determines digital signage success, customers! Without an audience, digital signage is like a car without an engine, there’s nothing driving it.

Your digital signage success hinges on creating a unique user experience for customers. The more customers you attract, the quicker you achieve a return on investment and start to profit from digital signage.

The question is, how do you create a digital signage network that can keep up with the ever changing habits of consumers?

Yes, the right hardware, software and content etc. are all important, but they are a means to an end, the tools needed to reach your ultimate goal, which is increased brand awareness, more customers and more revenue.

However, there is a way you can take all the components of digital signage and use them to attract audiences. 5 key pieces of advice we can offer you from our experience include:

1. Keeping your digital signage network cohesive…

Due to the volume of digital signage solutions available, it’s very easy to think that buying every type of technology available to you will cover all your bases and lead to instant digital signage success.

In reality, this approach is just a quick way to bankrupt your business. It may seem a little trivial, but cohesion is massively important to enhancing the user experience.

Plus, cohesion makes things easier for you. If you have a digital network that’s made up of several different components, it becomes too much to manage and monitor.

In terms of customers, from an aesthetic point of view, your digital signage network should tell a digital story that’s visually consistent.

Digital signage success

‘Digital signage presented cohesively looks visually striking.’

 Therefore, the first key question is, when you step back and look at your digital signage solution does it look attractive?

Based on the need to look attractive, the Armagard standard is to colour our digital signage solutions in black. However, we do offer a custom-colour service to suit the aesthetic requirements of customers. Visually, our digital signage enclosure solutions are striking.

2. Expanding a customer’s digital experience beyond a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ location…

Don’t confine digital signage to your physical location, after all, customers prefer choice. Expand your network beyond the storefront because once your store closes for the day, access to your digital signage is cut off too.

If you install a unit where it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week you’re improving the user experience, your chances of raising brand awareness and increasing revenue.

digital signage success

‘Make digital signage accessible 24/7 & improve the chances of digital signage success.’

To increase dwelling times and interactivity, add a touch screen element. Armagard’s digital signage touch screen solutions open up a whole new sphere of audience communication and they can be used outdoors and inside to achieve maximum audience reach.

3. Utilising social media as part of your digital advertising…

Data published by shows that 71% of consumers refer to social media for purchasing decisions. Therefore, the use of digital signage and social media go hand-in-hand, without linking the two you stand to miss a huge audience.

Linking digital signage advertising with social media creates trust, generates web traffic and can even increase customer volume.

How? Because, social media recommendations between consumers carry weight when it comes to building trust and rapport. Embracing social media also shows that you’re committed to engaging with your audience.

4. Making shopping convenient by deploying digital signage…

Look beyond digital as a means of advertising! Presently, there’s a trend across many industry sectors to deploy digital signage units as self-serving kiosks. Banks, hotels, fast-food restaurants, retail outlets and many more have found digital signage success by quickening customer service. 

Customers are able to shop on their own terms, taking their time to select products from an inventory on a digital screen and they can even pay for items. Removing the need to stand in line when shopping and reducing waiting times not only improves customer service, but reduces the strain on your staff.

 5. Keeping up with your audience…

Digital signage success is achievable, hence the reason that the market is growing. However, maintaining digital signage success requires you to stay in tune with your customers. If you fall out of sync, you will lose your appeal. Right from the outset, your digital signage project must remain customer centric.

If you lose sight of your customers by overcomplicating your efforts with flamboyant, hard to manage digital signage that presents off-topic content, you’re doomed to fail.

If your answer to the question – ‘why do I need digital signage?’ – doesn’t even consider your customers then digital signage is not for you.

However, build it around your customers and digital signage success is pretty much assured!

Find digital signage success with Armagard

With over 20 years of experience in the digital signage arena, we know what it takes to achieve digital signage success. That’s why we’re the perfect partner for you.

We don’t just sell digital signage, we design and manufacture digital signage solutions and we can even help you install them. You can choose from a wide range of digital signage units to suit your project. View our digital range, today.

To speak to an Armagard representative, dial 1-866-434-0807. We’re open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm.

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