Digital Signage Displays – How to Get All Eyes on You During Waiting Times

Armagard invites you to discover how digital signage displays can prevent chronic boredom, focus all eyes on you & improve the customer experience during waiting times.

The Absence of Digital Signage Displays

Have you ever enjoyed a lengthy wait in the doctor’s surgery with just an outdated magazine to entertain you? Not likely…

The absence of digital signage displays, where there are lengthy waiting times, leads to chronic boredom & represents a missed opportunity to reach an audience craving an entertaining distraction.

Many doctors’ surgeries, banks & government agencies are guilty of failing to embrace digital signage as a unique way of engaging, informing and entertaining people.

Neglecting to inform or entertain people in an information age leads to frustration, unhappy patients and disgruntled customers.

The Presence of Digital Signage Displays

In contrast to the absence of digital signage displays, the presence of a digital signage network produces some excellent results. Some examples include:

Easing Frustration

Introducing a digital signage system to a waiting area, or in the proximity of people waiting in a line, changes the atmosphere.

Suddenly a person’s perception of waiting times is reduced significantly (known as wait warping), lowering frustration levels & improving the service experience.

Easing Pressure

The minority of banks & government buildings that have utilised digital signage displays are able to better serve their customers. How? By using digital signage as a customer service unit.

Providing customers with a self-service system means they don’t have to wait in line, eases pressure on staff and gives customers a quick-service option.

Reaching Your Audience – Get All Eyes On You

Well-executed digital signage displays that take advantage of waiting times get all eyes on the screen.

Audiences are intrigued because they’re seeking distraction. You now have a captivated audience that you can inform, instruct & influence.

For example, a bank customer waiting in line to put cash into their account could be targeted with a digital signage message advertising the bank’s savings account options. A faster, more direct solution than a clerk handing them masses of paperwork.

How to Use Digital Signage Displays Effectively  

Using a bank as an example again, as they’re notorious for having to wait in line, a great way to implement digital signage effectively in this scenario is to use the screen as a ‘now serving’ system.

Banks can have a ticker tape, ‘now serving’ message scrolling along the bottom of the screen, while using the rest of the screen to promote other services they provide. Check out Armagard’s LCD Advertising Display to get an idea of the system to use.

How is this effective?  

The ‘now serving’ system gives waiting patrons a reason to keep their eyes on the screen. Why? Because they’re waiting for their number to come up.

Now that the bank has a captive audience, digital signage advertising provides a great opportunity to promote additional services.

While waiting, customers are absorbing information, receiving guidance, being influenced and entertained. All these elements combine to improve service delivery.

Without a digital signage display…

A customer enters a bank looking to apply for a mortgage. They’re seated and asked to wait for a mortgage advisor. They wait 20 – 30 minutes, only to be seen by a mortgage specialist and told they don’t have the correct documents to proceed with a mortgage application. They leave frustrated and are likely to take their business elsewhere.

With a digital signage display in place, banks can upload content informing customers of what is required to apply for a mortgage. Customers are saved from waiting times and the bank does not risk losing a customer to a competitor.

The Power of Digital Signage Displays

Where waiting is a common occurrence, digital signage opens up many opportunities to reach audiences. You can:

  • Display content relevant to viewers
  • Measure results
  • Speed up service times
  • Ease pressure on staff

Digital signage provides a multi-purpose way of improving customer communication, delivering resounding results. A three-month study conducted by Intel on digital signage displays shows that digital media captures over 400 per cent more views than static displays.

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