DSE 2013 Round-Up:


The Show:

Armagard enjoyed its busiest show yet at this year’s Digital Signage Expo (DSE).

Located at stand #131 in the Las Vegas convention centre, Armagard had an extremely positive show, talking to numerous people interested in our LCD enclosures for outdoor digital signage!

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, DSE also had great success with their 2013 show, with attendance increased by 1.4% alongside an upsurge in new exhibitors at 22%.

Armagard Stand DSE

The Armagard stand finished and ready to go!

However, it didn’t start great for everyone, bad weather and severe snowstorms in the Midwest and Northeast of the US managed to close several airports during the beginning of the week, leading to many visitors and exhibitors arriving late for the show.

DSE Team Members:

We had an extra pair of hands this year, and by increasing our team size from three to four, it gave us some additional flexibility during build-up peak show hours around midday. As a result booth setup went smoothly, and the team quickly managed to secure the enclosures up before lunchtime, leaving the remainder of the day for any final expo specifics.

When the show finally opened, we had a tremendous first day but found ourselves extremely busy throughout. We spoke to hundreds of visitors from all over the world and answered a diverse range of questions that really tested our seasoned experience.

Members Present:

• Mark Neal – CEO
• Keith Britton – Head of Sales
• Stephen Sharp – North American Sales Manager
• Paul McCabe – North American Sales Manager

To talk to someone you met at the show, please call us on: 1-866-434-0807

The Units:

We brought six units to this year’s exhibition (detailed below), but it was the pair of outdoor totems that really stole the show. Consisting of a high-bright and air-conditioned model, these units were ideal to bring to show, as the the former demonstrated the luminosity of an outdoor high-bright display, while the latter had an operating temperature perfect for the North American summer.

Another talking point was the 42” landscape enclosure equipped with our new PCB controller board. Designed to provide a pre-set solution for thermostat controls, the new board offers an easier computer based management system for temperature control, all over a 3G or WIFI connection.

Click the links below to view our DSE units:

Outdoor Totem with Air Conditioning, 46”
Outdoor Totem with High-Bright Display, 46”
Stainless Landscape, 42”
Landscape with Controller Board, 42”
Portrait Cold Climate, 42”
Monitor Landscape, 19”

To receive a digital copy of our DSE product catalogue, email us at subscriptions@armagard.com and obtain one today.

Where are we now?

All our exhibitions are over for 2013, but if you’d like to visit us on-site, then just get in touch. We’ll arrange a time and date for when you can visit us and take a tour of our facilities.

Looking Ahead

Armagard has rebooked with an expanded booth for 2014!

That’s right, because we had such a positive time at this year’s show, we’ll be back with a bigger and better stand for 2014. So expect a new look for Armagard at the 2014 show.

Take note though, next year’s DSE is scheduled to take place two weeks earlier between the 12th and 13th of February 2014, and is being relocated from the Las Vegas Convention Centre to the Sands Expo (connected to the Venetian). So for those planning to attend, make sure to modify your travel plans to avoid confusion.

We’ll also release all our usual pre-show information regarding our 2014 shows later on this year via our news section on Armagard.com, but to discover the latest exhibition updates including any behind-the-scenes images, then add us now on Google+ and LinkedIn.

P.S. If your based in Europe and want to visit one of our shows, why not visit us in Amsterdam for the ISE exhibition taking place in January 2014.

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