High Brightness LCD Screen

Is your outdoor digital signage suffering from glare?

Introducing Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen (47" & 55" screen accommodation)

Featuring anti-reflective technology, Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen provides consistently visible digital signage even in powerful direct sunlight. This highly-readable LCD enclosure is operational in temperatures up to 104°F, making it the ultimate protective solution, not just against glare, but in any environment afflicted by high temperatures.

Perfect for use as an advertising display system, Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen is a fantastic focal point that captures consumers’ attention. Even in harsh light, the anti-reflective technology provides 100% display visibility all day long. Having outdoor signage that’s readable in sunlight, even from a distance, can give you the edge in sales you’re looking for.

High brightness LCD Screen

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  • 55" High Brightness LCD Screen front view
  • 55" High Brightness LCD Screen front view open on stand
  • 55" High-Bright right open view

Product Specifications

47" (HxWxD) mm:
815 × 1230 × 232.2
55" (HxWxD) mm:
980 × 1430 × 232.5
Powder-Coated Mild Steel
Screen Size:
47" or 55"
IP Rating:
Screen Brightness:
2,000 - 5,000 NITS
47" Product Code:
55" Product Code:

Benefits & Suitable Locations

    Benefits of Buying a High Brightness LCD Screen:

  • Remains fully operational in temperatures up to 104°F, without the need to purchase a separate air conditioning (AC) unit. Save money immediately by not buying extra equipment.
  • Eliminates expensive repair costs for outdoor digital signage damaged by direct sunlight. Investing in our High Brightness LCD Screen saves you money long term.
  • Reduces the risk of sunlight causing ‘out-of-action’ signage, which results in revenue loss & brand damage.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and advertises year-round without the hassle of constant check-ups.
  • Puts an end to costly screen replacements. Sun absorption destroys the LCD crystals contained in screens, causing ‘black spots’ or total outage. Our High Brightness LCD Screen protects those crystals, preventing highly-visible damage.


    Ideal Locations to Install the High Brightness LCD Screen:

  • Transport hubs
  • Sports venues such as football stadiums, race tracks, and arenas
  • Eateries including restaurant patios, beer gardens, and bars
  • School and university campuses
  • Industrial facilities

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Additional Features of the High Brightness LCD Screen

As well as safeguarding outdoor digital signage against sunlight, the 55" Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen has a number of theft-prevention features. The enclosure shields it from outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and snow, and can withstand forceful impacts.

    Your High Brightness LCD Screen Protects Against:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Dust and dirt
  • Electrical surges
  • Physical impact

Have Peace of Mind When You Buy Our High Brightness LCD Screen:

    Five-Year Warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    Armagard Guarantees:

  • Five-year warranty coverage on all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery of the fully-assembled sign, ready to install
  • Product backing from specialist, sales, and support staff
  • High-quality engineering

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