Sunlight Readable Digital Signage

Safeguard Your Outdoor Digital Signage Displays Against the Damaging Effects of Sunlight

Presenting Armagard’s All-New Range of Sunlight Readable Digital Signage Enclosures

Choose from a 47", 55" or 72" sunlight readable digital signage enclosure. Featuring integrated high bright screens with anti-glare technology, our enclosures offer concrete, revenue-generating benefits. The enclosure ensures your screen maintains visibility even in extreme sunlight, while protecting your display in temperatures between 40°C (47"-55") & 50°C (72") without the need for separate air-conditioning.

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Product Code: PDS-47-TO-P-US-HB

47" Sunlight Readable Digital Totem with High Bright Screen

Sunlight readable digital Totem | LD470DUP [product image]

The Sunlight Readable Digital Totem A cost- effective way to safeguard outdoor advertising displays from damaging sunlight. Protect your High Bright Digital Signage Screen from sunlight and glare to prevent expensive screen repairs.

Product Code: PDS-55-TO-P-US-H-HB

55" Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem

Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem | product range [product image]

Anti-Glare Digital Signage Totem - Provides enhanced visibility for screens exposed to direct sunlight. The integrated screen features anti-glare technology, eliminating malfunctions and increasing longevity.

Product Code: PDS-72-TO-P-HB

72" Outdoor High-Bright Display Totem

Digital Signage Advertising | product range [product image]

Outdoor High Bright Display Totem - Our outdoor digital signage unit with the greatest audience impact. Featuring a massive 72" high bright screen, this prominent display not only attracts attention, but combats the damaging effects of sunlight exposure.

Product Code: PDS-47-W-P-US-H(B)

High-Bright Portrait Enclosure

Indoor Advertising Display | PDS-RT-P [product image]

Our High Bright Portrait Enclosure comes complete with an integrated 47" or 55" high bright screen. Perfect for installation in sunny locations where glare limits screen visibility.

Product Code: PDS-55-W-US-L-H(B)

High Brightness LCD Screen

Digital Poster | product range [product image]

Our High Brightness LCD Screen enclosure can accommodate a 47" or 55" LCD screen in landscape orientation. The enclosure is wall-mountable and prevents damage caused by direct sunlight exposure.

Need a Custom LCD Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

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