3 Creative Ways to Install LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

3 Creative Ways to Install LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

Demand for LCD digital signage enclosures is growing, as more companies deploy digital advertising systems. To prevent digital signage networks becoming an obstruction, here are 3 creative ways to install LCD enclosures, without compromising screen protection...

LCD enclosures are extremely versatile, providing digital signage protection in outdoor, indoor and industrial environments. An LCD enclosure represents a low-cost, flexible way to keep screens operating, while giving you a hassle free way to upgrade digital signage networks as technology evolves.

With LCD enclosures becoming a mainstay in the digital signage market , end-users are finding more creative ways to install them...

1) Ceiling Suspended LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

ceiling LCD digital signage enclosure

'A ceiling suspended, LCD digital signage enclosure as used by Volvo, Sweden '

Ceiling suspended LCD digital signage enclosures not only prevent digital signage networks becoming an obstruction, they deliver digital messaging from an entirely different perspective. You can suspend ceiling mounted LCD enclosures using poles equipped with single or double mounting brackets.

A dual-pole, double-bracket system gives you back to back mounting options for the installation of two digital signage screens.

2) Inside a Wall

recessed LCD digital signage enclosure

A recessed LCD digital signage enclosure.

Fixing an LCD enclosure inside a wall gives you a clean, sleek finish that prevents digital signage becoming an obstruction in tight spaces or heavily populated areas. When installing an enclosure inside a wall, you will need to give some thought to clearance and air circulation.

The front access on most recessed LCD enclosures will have hinges, to ensure that electronic equipment is easily accessible. Speak to your supplier to establish whether an enclosure is hinged at the top, bottom or the side and make allowances for the opening and closing of the enclosure.

Prior to installation, double check your height, width and depth measurements to ensure that an enclosure fits the space. Clearance is not only important for accessibility, it’s needed for proper ventilation.

LCD enclosures should provide sufficient airflow and ventilation to prevent the build-up of heat, and keep screens operating at ideal, optimum temperatures. If ventilation is poor, it’s likely that your screen will overheat, resulting in damaged LCD crystals and the appearance of black blotches. If this happens, your screen is effectively, useless.

To safeguard screens and other electronics, such as media players, there needs to be a natural airflow around internal components. Electronic equipment housed in an enclosure and recessed in a wall is more prone to heat accumulation. Correct ventilation will help electronics to function properly and prevent premature failure as a result of heat build-up.

3) Custom frame

LCD digital signage enclosure suspended

An LCD digital signage enclosure suspended on a custom frame as used by a global fast food restaurant.

Suspending an LCD digital signage system from a custom made frame enables you to create a unique looking digital signage network that blends in with surroundings and your brand. Equally, you can have frames built to accommodate as many LCD digital signage systems as you need.

A customised option gives you greater freedom and flexibility, creatively. Equally, it can enhance the exterior or interior look of your business premises, potentially attracting more customers!

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