What 6 Things Can Digital Signage Do for Education?

Digital Signage for Education

The generations currently passing through education systems across most of the world are of the digital generation. Familiar with smartphones, iPads and a myriad of digital platforms, printed material is virtually obsolete to this tech savvy demographic. Therefore, digital signage makes sense for education, right?

The emergence of a digital media culture has effectively forced educational institutions to embrace digital signage. Why? To ‘keep-in-touch’ with audiences that are becoming increasingly hard to reach using ‘traditional’ methods.

As a result of the need to ‘keep-in-touch’, digital signage use across the education sector is becoming increasingly popular and currently ranks in the top ten of the fastest growing markets implementing digital signage networks . Equally, the extent to which digital signage is sold into the education sector makes it one of the world’s major digital signage markets.

Why Does Your Educational Institution Need Digital Signage?

Outdoor Digital Signage Liverpool University

'The University of Liverpool putting 'Outdoor Digital Signage to Good Use.'

To rise above the ‘noise’ & compete.

The digital generation is constantly barraged with information in digital form. Therefore, without digital signage your educational institution risks getting left behind, unable to compete in the communication stakes. In the end, you face the prospect of losing touch with an evolving audience.

Your educational institution has to embrace digital signage in order to become a modern, stimulating environment in which to learn, work and reach out to the wider community. Literally, digital signage will change the way in which your educational institution is perceived.

digital signage locker room

'Digital Signage in use in the Locker Room at a School in France.'

It’s an unfortunate fact, but the education sector is now more competitive than ever. Take a secondary school for example, whether openly or subconsciously, from the moment a parent, potential student, OFSTED inspector or visitor enters that school’s reception area it’s under scrutiny.

The absence of digital signage means the school could struggle to meet the informational needs of this varying audience, and gives the impression that creating a stimulating environment is not high on the agenda. In contrast, a secondary school with digital signage enhances the image of that school.

In competitive terms, the presence of digital signage outshines the crowded, ancient school noticeboard, which is dull, uninspiring and often displaying outdated information. Effectively, digital signage translates as increased enrolment figures and better OFSTED reports because first impressions count.

Much like the phasing out of the blackboard to make way for interactive white boards, digital signage marks the dawn of a new era for the education sector .

How Will Digital Signage Better Your Educational Institution?

digital signage system south tynecastle college

'South Tyneside College with an Armagard Digital Signage System.'

#1 – By cutting costs

The installation of digital signage immediately cuts costs. How? By reducing paper & printer use. Over the lifespan of a digital signage unit, for example Armagard’s LCD digital signage system, which can last up to 10 years or more, your educational institution stands to save thousands of pounds on paper and printer toner.

Additionally, you would no longer have to rely on third-party advertising methods to reach your audience. Eliminate the need to advertise events in local newspapers and reduce your advertising spend.

#2 - By enhancing the learning experience

Children and students are familiar with technological interaction, and introducing digital signage to your facility will serve to enthuse them in a classroom or lecture theatre setting. Visual stimulation appeals much more than a lesson, or lecture, confined to a text book.

The digital signage system that you implement doesn’t have to be complex. For example, Armagard’s LCD advertising display comes complete with an integrated multimedia player, and can be wall-mounted allowing you to upload images, video and audio as part of a lesson plan.

#3 - By improving information dissemination

A particular benefit for larger institutions, you can distribute targeted information quickly. Having a network of digital signage displays positioned strategically enables you to display multiple messages, simultaneously targeting the right audience in the right location.

In one all-encompassing campaign you reach staff, students & visitors, minus the hassle of assembling an army of leaflet distributors to hand out information. Everything from canteen menus to promoting university proms can be displayed using digital signage.

Outdoor Digital Signage Used at Loughborough University

‘Armagard Outdoor Digital Signage Used to Display a University canteen menu .’ Photo: Courtesy of Loughborough University, UK.

#4 - By improving your image

Imagine, a parent enters your institution’s reception area and they’re greeted by an eye-catching, LCD digital signage display showcasing the work of students and proudly displaying your achievements.

Digital signage makes you memorable when first impressions count, a deciding factor if trying to persuade a parent to send a pupil to your school, or convincing a student to enrol at your college or university.

A strong image also motivates your current crop of students, boosting morale and self-esteem. Students feel a sense of recognition, after all, what student doesn’t want their achievements taking centre stage?

#5 - By improving safety

For speed of information distribution to all areas of an educational facility, digital signage can save lives. In the event of a fire, for example, digital signage can serve as an exit guidance system.

#6 - By making you money

Installation of a digital signage network gives you the opportunity to rent out a display to selected product and service providers.

For example, if you’re a university campus there, are businesses that would pay a handsome sum to access your student demographic with a targeted advertising campaign.

The great advantage of making your digital signage available for rent is that you can quickly make a return on investment. Beyond that, revenue generated will boost your institution’s coffers.

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