7 Sectors Transformed By Digital Signage Solutions & How Armagard Digital Signage Can Help You

Digital signage solutions specialist, Armagard, analyse seven sectors reaping the benefits of increased digital signage use.

Digital signage solutions serve various industry sectors in different ways. However, they all share one common benefit: targeted, real-time audience communication.

You can benefit from digital signage investment by providing the right information, at the right time, aimed directly at your audience, raising awareness of your business. You will experience improved business communication, increased sales and revenue as a result of your own, uninterrupted permanent digital signage advertising display.

Here are 7 sectors tapping into the potential of digital signage advertising:

Sector #1 – Corporate

Digital signage communications that serve a strategic purpose will help your business to reach its targets. Your Armagard digital signage solution will enhance the prominence of your message, resulting in wider impact.

Digital Signage Solutions

Indoor Digital Signage for a Business Headquarters in France.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Corporate Company

Armagard digital signage solutions will help your business to:

  • Reach employees without access to emails or mobile phones such as field sales executives, logistics staff and production personnel
  • Reach elusive staff members
  • Distribute target specific messages to each department across your business and enable them to publish their own information on screens throughout your workplace
  • Promote the achievements of your staff and your business
  • Greet visitors and present your business in a unique way

Sector #2 – Education

You can engage students and teaching staff alike with the installation of digital signage solutions in schools, colleges, universities and adult learning centres. Today’s generation is proven to be more responsive to digital media, why? Because it’s part of their culture and as a result, the modern teacher is also embracing digital media.

Outdoor digital signage in particular can be positioned prominently to inform the community and parents of school achievements and upcoming community events.

Digital Signage Solutions

Outdoor Digital Signage in Action on a University Campus.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Educational Institution

Installing an Armagard digital signage solution in your educational establishment will allow you to:

  • Display relevant information to staff and students at your convenience
  • Replace static, uninspiring noticeboards cluttered with too many messages
  • Create a sense of community and involvement by constantly keeping staff and students informed of events and achievements
  • Feature the work of students to create a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Reduce printing costs

Sector #3 – Healthcare

Use digital signage in waiting rooms, corridors and hospital restaurants to inform and educate patients and visitors. Teach them about diseases, health risks, treatments, procedures, prevention and any other health-related issues.

Occupy the time that patients and visitors spend in medical facilities by putting your message in front of them using a digital display. To encourage further interaction install a digital signage touchscreen system and request feedback via your interactive display. This is a great way to improve service and raise patient satisfaction levels.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Medical Facility

Armagard digital signage solutions will help your medical institution to:

  • Implement a timely, precise communication system that distributes information and news items to multiple screens across numerous locations with ease
  • Communicate messages with staff, patients and visitors simultaneously
  • Promote products and services at no additional cost
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Welcome visitors
  • Provide entertainment in children’s areas
  • Reduce perceived waiting times

Sector #4 – Hospitality

Clear communication is what makes people feel welcome and comfortable in the surroundings of your restaurant or hotel. Digital signage advertising allows you to present information in multiple formats, in strategic locations where it will have the biggest impact.

Digital Signage Solutions

Outdoor Digital Signage in a London Pub.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Hospitality Establishment

Buying an Armagard digital advertising display will help your establishment to:

  • Professionally present information to your guests about your establishment
  • Advertise special promotions
  • Provide helpful site directional information
  • Present a food menu in a visually tantalising way
  • Display awards and positive reviews that your establishment has received
  • Promote your brand and business values

Armagard digital signage solutions will enable you to display content in various formats. Use static images, high-definition videos, social media feeds and even web pages. The choice is yours…

Sector #5 – Public Sector

A number of high-profile public sector institutions have utilised Armagard digital signage solutions to provide real-time, targeted communications to the general public. Government institutions across the world have used Armagard’s digital signage advertising.

Digital Signage Solutions

Armagard Enclosures Along The Mall for the London Olympics.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Public Sector Organisation

Installing an Armagard digital advertising unit in your public sector establishment will allow you to:

  • Provide information, in a digital format, to members of the public regarding matters of general interest
  • Present complicated information in a clear, engaging way
  • Reduce printing costs by eliminating the need for paper-based literature

Sector #6 – Retail

The impact of digital signage across the retail sector has been immense, revolutionising the shopping experience. Customers are now presented with the opportunity to make more informed decisions and retail outlets are able to make their stores visibly alluring while increasing sales and revenue potential.

Digital Signage Solutions

Retail Outlet Utilising Digital Signage Outdoor Touchscreen.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Retail Establishment

Installing an Armagard digital signage solution in your retail outlet will enable you to:

  • Save money on print costs
  • Promote products, services and special events at the ‘point of purchase’
  • Update display content quickly and conveniently with no extra cost and no reliance on a third party
  • Display other communication channels, such as social media
  • Build a brand image that becomes recognised and trusted

Sector #7 – Transportation

Instant digital messaging has transformed how numerous transport hubs across the world communicate information to travellers. Airports, train stations and bus stations have all benefitted from installing digital media solutions, easing the strain on manned information points.

How Armagard Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Your Transport Hub

Installing an Armagard digital messaging system will allow your transport hub to:

  • Reduce printing costs
  • Display information in real-time, keeping customers fully informed at all times
  • Ease the strain on manned information stands. A great example of digital signage in action at a transport hotspot is an Armagard digital signage touchscreen enclosure installed at Birmingham New Street train station
  • Update information quickly and conveniently
  • Occupy the time of commuters and travellers caught up in a queue
Digital Signage Solutions

55” Touchscreen Digital Signage in use at Birmingham New Street.

Closing thoughts

Whatever your industry sector, digital signage solutions are a sure-fire way to reduce costs, maintain control of advertising and information display, raise the image of your brand and increase sales and revenue potential. The possibilities are limitless!

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