Protective Enclosures for Outdoor TVs: What is on the Market?

Protective Enclosures for Outdoor TVs

Protective enclosures enable you to take an ordinary TV outdoors. If you want to put a TV outside in your backyard, or use a TV as a digital display, an outdoor ready enclosure is a cost-effective, convenient solution. An enclosure gives you plenty of installation options and great value for money. Here’s what’s on the market.

LCD Protective Enclosures

You can mount protective enclosures for LCD TVs and digital displays on a wall, stand, hang them from a ceiling or fit them inside a recessed wall. You can choose the most convenient place to install an enclosure to get the best viewing experience.

If you want an outdoor TV for your patio or veranda, or a digital display on the wall outside your shop, you can use a protective, outdoor ready TV cabinet. An enclosure can protect most TVs and digital displays.

It doesn’t matter what type of LCD TV you have, you can use an outdoor ready enclosure to take home entertainment outside or set up a digital advertising display, outdoors. Protective enclosures for LCD displays have a universal VESA mount to hang any type of TV. You can install a TV as small as 24” and up to 85” or more.

LCD enclosures are fully weatherproof to protect your TV or digital display from rain, ice and snow. To manage heat and cold temperatures, LCD enclosures have thermal management components to prevent your protective cabinet from getting too hot or cold, internally.

You can customize an LCD enclosure to include additional protection, including anti-glare or anti-reflective technology, which prevent solar overload and improve TV visibility from different angles.

Protective LCD enclosures are safe, designed to support the weight of the TV screen you install, and they are secure, minimizing the risk of vandalism and theft.

Outdoor tv inside recessed wall

You can fit protective enclosures for outdoor TVs inside recessed walls.

Slim Profile Enclosures for LED or LCD TVs and Digital Displays

Slim profile protective enclosures have all the qualities of protective LCD cabinets. They have a light weight design and provide better temperature management. Slim profile enclosures protect slim TV screens, including modern LCD and LED displays, for a discrete solution.

A slim profile enclosure is ideal for fitting an LCD or LED TV inside a recessed wall. Slim profile protective cabinets look professional, making them suitable for commercial digital signage displays, for which presentation is important.

Outdoor ready, slim profile enclosures enable you to install an ultra thin TV outside safely and securely for use as an outdoor, home entertainment system or digital advertising display.

Touch Screen TV Enclosures

You can transform your outdoor TV into an interactive entertainment system with a touch screen enclosure. A touch screen enclosure is ideal for a business using a TV outdoors to advertise. Touch screen technology encourages customer engagement with your brand, gives them a unique experience and makes your business more memorable.

At home, a touch screen TV enclosure can transform your outdoor screen into an interactive computer. Use your screen to work from home out on your patio or veranda in the spring and summer months. Outdoor touch screen TVs are a great way to host or attend meetings.

The Cost and Convenience of Protective Enclosures

outdoor TV enclosures for home and business owners

Protective outdoor TV enclosures benefit home and business owners.

Protective enclosures give you a cost-effective and convenient solution to take a TV outdoors. The key advantage of using an enclosure is that you do not have to spend on a new TV. You can install an enclosure and connect up your TV yourself. You don’t need a technician, which keeps your costs down.

You can expect a protective, outdoor TV cabinet to last 10 years or more. The average lifespan of a TV is five to seven years, which means you can expect an enclosure to protect a minimum of two screens in its lifetime, representing great value for money.

In fact, protective enclosures can lengthen the lifespan of your TV by as much as two years, reducing the need to change your TV regularly.

If you do need to replace or upgrade your TV, you can open up an enclosure from the front. The access door is stabilised by gas struts for safety. All you have to do is disconnect the power to the enclosure, disconnect your old TV, connect your new TV and you are done. You don’t need to remove or replace your enclosure or call in a technician at your expense.

Protective enclosures give you a practical, long-term solution for outdoor TV or digital display installation.

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