A TV Screen Protector for Outdoor Environments

If you want to watch TV outdoors, the effects of weather and temperature can make life difficult. Standard LCD or plasma TV screens can’t cope with the variety of elements that an outdoor environment throws at them. Fortunately, a TV screen protector provides a simple but effective way of using a standard TV device in an outdoor environment, protecting it from the weather, temperature and other hazards.

Using a TV outdoors appeals to many householders and businesses. Whether it’s to watch the big game or your favorite weekly TV shows, sitting and relaxing in the back yard with the TV on, is a luxury often thought of as expensive and only worthwhile for pubs and bars. However, television screen protectors make it possible for almost anybody to install a TV outdoors and take advantage of the good weather.

The problems with watching TV outdoors is that the weather is not always good. When it rains, snows, becomes too cold or too hot, a standard LCD or plasma TV can simply fail. However, housed in a TV screen protector, almost any standard make, model or size of TV can operate outdoors and remain protected, no matter what the weather or temperature.

TV screen protector  for Security

Television screen protectors also provide a high level of security, ensuring the screen can remain outdoors without fear of theft or vandalism. Made from steel and with shatterproof screens, TV screen protectors provide a rugged and vandal proof barrier that prevents damage caused by impact.

Furthermore, as television screen protectors are lockable, the enclosed TV is secured from theft, providing peace of mind that the screen will still be there when the weather clears and you want to watch your favorite TV shows.

For Waterproofing

Once enclosed inside the TV screen protector , the LCD or plasma screen is completely waterproofed, so not only can it stay outdoors when it’s raining but you can even leave it on. But waterproofing is not the only requirement for using a TV outdoors. Making sure other weather elements, from snow and hail, to windblown dust and debris, are kept from damaging the sensitive electronics of a TV is also important.

Television screen protectors provide all this protection, ensuring that moisture, dust and other elements can’t penetrate and get to the enclosed TV, keeping it dry and dust free.

For Temperature Control

Just keeping weather elements away from the LCD or plasma screen is not the only challenging aspect of using a TV outdoors. Temperature too, can easily disable a standard LCD or plasma screen. When temperatures get too high, TVs overheat, which can lead to permanent failure. While, when temperatures drop too low, components can freeze, which can also lead to permanent failure of the TV.

TV screen protectors ensure that the temperature the TV is operating at is always at the optimum for the device. Cooling fans transport heat away from the TV and ensure the screen doesn’t overheat, while when temperatures get too cold, the fans are switched off allowing the heat generated from the screen is used to maintain a minimum temperature. In some extreme environments, heaters and additional cooling fans inside the television screen protector ensure that temperatures remain stable, no matter what the ambient conditions are doing.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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