Armagard LTD – Trouble Tracking Us Down? We Are Armagard, Not To Be Confused With Armaguard

Following confusion over the spelling of our company name, we clarify how you can track us down online to purchase your protective PC, printer or digital signage enclosure(s).


Armagard enclosures exhibited at DSE in Las Vegas.

Armagard is an award-winning designer, manufacturer and provider of protective enclosures for PCs, printers and digital signage displays, worldwide.

Armaguard is an iconic Australian company that specialises in cash logistics, currency management and precious cargo transfer. Two different protection providers in very different markets.

To purchase your protective PC enclosures, printer enclosures or digital signage solutions, you require the services of Armagard, rather than Armaguard.

You can find us at the following website addresses – and

If you’re trying to track us down via an internet search engine a number of keyword phrases exist which you can use to search for us, including:

Where is the problem occurring?

Upon communicating the name Armagard, a proportion of customers assume that it’s spelt

A R M A G U A R D. It’s the addition of the letter ‘U’ that leads people astray. However, should you search for Armagard entering the keyword phrase ‘Armaguard Enclosures’ into your search engine, even with the addition of the letter ‘U’ in this instance, you will still track us down online.

Companies with similar names

As well as differentiating ourselves from Armaguard, Australia, it’s also worth noting that companies with similar names are also responsible for causing confusion. Here are a number of spelling variations to avoid when trying to locate Armagard:

  • Armorgard
  • Armourgard
  • Armourguard

The Armagard brand

Armagard can also be identified via our brand – look out for this logo when searching for us.

Armagard Brand

The Armagard Logo.



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