Daniel Waldron

Daniel Waldron

A dedicated writer for 10 years, Daniel joined Armagard in 2013. Daniel assists in the production of web copy, articles, blogs, press releases and white papers, for use by Armagard's marketing team. Daniel Waldron Google+

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The Adventures of Armagard Enclosures – The Protection Chronicles

Armagard Enclosures

Whether it’s at sea, becoming part of history at sites that have existed for thousands of years or serving world renowned businesses, Armagard enclosures enjoy some incredible adventures. Take a journey of discovery involving heroic tales of endurance, durability & longevity, with enclosures going where none have gone before.


How to Convince the Boss to Support Your Digital Signage Project

Digital Menu Boards

Advocate of digital signage, but your boss is having none of it? Here are some key questions you need to answer to convince your CEO to sanction a digital signage project…


Waterproof Monitor Enclosure | Prevent Screen Downtime on the Shop Floor

Waterproof Monitor Enclosure

In industrial environments where water, dust & debris can damage exposed screens & halt your production process, the SDS Stainless Steel Waterproof Monitor Enclosure is your screen savior. Protect your production line, reduce financial loss.


How Interactive Touchscreen Digital Signage Enhances The Customer Experience

Armagard touchscreen digital signage

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog from Lee Gannon, Marketing Manager at Southampton-based TrouDigital, one of the UK’s fastest growing digital signage companies, with a drag-and-drop software accessible to all.


Touchscreen Digital Signage – Which Touchscreen Signage Solution Is Best For Outdoors?

Have your current signage solutions become problematic? Are they prone to vandalism, malfunction or are they non-functional when facing the elements of the great outdoors? The solution is here – introducing Touchscreen Digital Signage, featuring projected capacitive touch foil, pioneering technology that will lead the signage industry into a new era.


Say ‘Happy New Year’ with Digital Signage

How can conveying New Year salutations with a digital signage advertising system win you more business? Find out now…


Digital Signage Costs: How Much Will Your Digital Signage Project Cost You, Really?

Digital Signage Costs

Is price hampering your digital signage ambitions? Can’t make the numbers work? Can’t justify spending the money? Armagard’s latest blog offers an honest perspective of the ‘elephant in the room’. This is digital signage costs unveiled.


Industrial Re-Revolution Accessible for Manufacturers Big and Small

As technology advances, and new ways to innovate the manufacturing industry arise, an inherent issue exists that may stop smaller businesses from utilizing these new technologies. The underlying issue is cost and unfortunately, it is scaring people away from modernizing their business. Read More about Industrial Re-Revolution Accessible for Manufacturers Big and Small


Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Explained…Clearly

computer integrated manufacturing explained

In an era where computers are at the core of production processes worldwide, understanding computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), and how it can improve operations, is more crucial than ever. In layman’s term, this is CIM explained….Read more about Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Explained…Clearly


How Computer Integration can Upskill the Manufacturing Workforce

computer integration and manufacturing workforces

An article published in the Wall Street Journal on September 1st claims that the number of unfilled manufacturing jobs is the highest it’s been in 15 years. Why? Apparently, many workers no longer possess the skills to perform today’s manufacturing jobs. How can Computer Integration remedy this?….Read more on How Computer Integration can Upskill the Manufacturing Workforce here