Benefits of Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant and fast food industry relies on impulse purchases. In such a competitive industry, finding new and innovative ways of tempting customers into a diner can make a huge difference to revenue. Outdoor digital menu boards are an engaging and eye-catching method of generating custom that has so many benefits over traditional menu systems.

Digital restaurant menu boards provide diners and fast food chains with a platform to not only provide menu information, but also to offer tantalizing images of the food and beverages on sale. Unlike static signage, which can only provide photographs of what is on offer, outdoor digital menu boards can provide passing customers with moving images of steaming hot burgers or iced beverages dripping with condensation. And in an industry where much of the potential custom is reliant on impulse buying, this provides a great way of getting people through the doors.

Scheduled Content

Outdoor digital menu boards also have another great benefit for fast food and short order restaurants. Because menus vary throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner, digital restaurant menu boards enabling scheduling of menu items depending on what time of day it is. In the morning, when people are passing by on their way to work, using the outdoor digital menu boards to show bacon and eggs, sausage muffins or other breakfast items may steer people inside to eat. While the same outdoor digital menu boards can then be used to display lunch items in the day and dinner items during the evening. This form of scheduling is known as day parting and is an effective way of targeting different customers throughout the day.

Another great advantage of outdoor digital menu boards is their flexibility. Because menu items change regularly, even in well-established fast food chains that often have specials throughout the year, digital restaurant menu boards are able to accommodate any changes in menu items with very little hassle. Unlike traditional static menus that need to be reprinted whenever there is a change to the menu, digital restaurant menu boards can adopt any changes by simply uploading the new items, saving both money and time. Menu items can even be changed on a day-to-day basis, accommodating daily specials with the rest of the usual menu items.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for the Drive Thru

Another great use for outdoor digital menu boards is in the drive thru, where all the same benefits can target customers wanting to order in their cars. And outdoor digital menu boards needn’t be expensive, either. While standard digital signage systems obviously can’t operate outdoors, by using specialist digital signage enclosures that protect the standard devices from the weather and variable temperatures of an outdoor environment, it provides an effective and low cost method of providing digital restaurant menu boards.

These outdoor digital restaurant menu boards are well protected for use outside and are rugged enough to prevent damage caused by vandalism or accident. And because the systems allow standard TV devices to be used as outdoor digital menu boards, they are inexpensive, enabling even single diners and non chains to provide this engaging, flexible and high effective method of providing menus to passing customers and enticing people in through the doors.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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