Want World Cup Crowds At Your Pub or Bar? Order Your Outdoor TV Enclosure Now…

Project ‘outdoor TV installation’ for the 2014 World Cup, starts here… Deadline: 12th June 2014. Order your outdoor TV enclosure today to avoid disappointment.

Outdoor TV Enclosure for Pubs & Bars

Why Put A TV Outside For The World Cup?

Outdoor TV Enclosure.

Outdoor TV Enclosure Installed in a Beer Garden.

That’s easy… Die-hard soccer fans love to socialise during the World Cup and they will flock in their masses to pubs and bars across the globe to soak up the atmosphere of World Cup fever. Make your pub or bar their destination of choice by putting your TV outside.

A combination of summer weather, socialising, drinks on tap and an outdoor TV, make for an attractive proposition to lure fans to your establishment. Hey, you could even throw in a barbecue occasionally to increase the dwelling time, getting fans to spend more.

But, often in the spirit of World Cup fever, fans can get raucous and accidents can, and do happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about protection for your outdoor TV. No one wants the TV put out of action by spilt beer or accidental damage from a fan doing their best samba impression.

What Do I Need To Install A TV Outside?

All you need is a TV, or if you’re ambitious lots of TVs, and high standard protection to safeguard your screen(s).

We can help you with high standard protection, definitely. But, if you’re also short of a screen or two, we can provide a unit complete with an LG or Dynascan screen. View our sunlight readable digital signage range, select your size and order today for delivery in time for the World Cup.

If it’s an enclosure solution you need, we have a high specification unit that will interest you.

The Armagard LCD enclosure can accommodate almost any mainstream screen. So, whether you have a 24”, a 72” or a screen size in between, the Armagard LCD enclosure is perfect for your pub or bar. It will give you up to a decade of outdoor TV protection, lasting well beyond the 2014 World Cup.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Show World Cup Soccer Live With Installation of An Outdoor TV Enclosure.

The unit is completely secure, durable and weather resistant. It comes complete with a five year warranty for all mechanical parts and a one year electrical warranty. It’s a no risk, cost-effective outdoor TV enclosure solution for your pub or bar. It’s even easy to install…

Who Should I Order From?

Armagard… We’re the elite name in our industry sector and we have a soccer pedigree, having supplied 485 outdoor TV units for use during the Euro 2012 Championships in Poland and Ukraine.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Armagard Enclosures Installed at a Soccer Stadium for Euro 2012.

When Should I Order?

Now! There is an urgency about this, with the World Cup just under one month away. To ensure delivery in time for kick-off on June 12, visit www.armagard.com and use the ‘Quick Enquiry Service’. You can call Armagard direct or complete the simple form, and we’ll contact you.

Everything you need to install a TV outside in time for the World Cup is provided by Armagard. So, to give those fans who can’t get to Brazil what they want, give them the next best thing, the outdoor TV experience surrounded by likeminded fans. Watch your pub or bar come to life this summer…

Order your outdoor TV enclosure today

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  • Warranty coverage and product support forum provided
  • Up to a decade of outdoor TV protection


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