Cinema digital signage: How to make the most of digital screens at the movies

Make more money, save more money and make use of multiple messaging options, with cinema digital signage.

“Erm… correct me if I’m wrong, Armagard, but I’m pretty sure cinemas around the world are full of big screens, why would any cinema complex pay to have cinema digital signage?”

A good question. The answer is simple, digital signage in cinemas has a multitude of messaging uses, the big screen does not.

Cinema digital signage

A stunning array of Armagard portrait flat panel digital signage units used by CGR cinemas in France.

Ever noticed that the big screen is hardly used to promote your cinema complex? Apart from the occasional last call to the lobby to buy snacks and drinks, or a quick plug about your monthly cinema pass, there’s little else that the big screen does for your cinema venue.

However, cinema digital signage can change all that. In contrast to the big screen, digital signage in cinemas does more to reach your audience. How? By giving you a platform to communicate a multitude of messages.

What can cinema digital signage do for you?

You can vary what you want to communicate. Let’s say you opt to install a network of 20 digital screens. Each of those screens can be communicating different content simultaneously.

Imagine… right across your cinema complex – from the moment you open, until the moment you close – your digital signage can be doing all this at once:

  • Promoting special offers.
  • Displaying ticket prices.
  • Running movie trailers.
  • Providing seating information.
  • Displaying your social media updates.
  • Showcasing cinema news – opened a new cinema? Increased seat capacity? Installed a new 3D screen? Inform your audience.
  • Promoting local businesses – another great way for your cinema to generate revenue, rent out your cinema digital signage.
  • Showcasing special events – running a film festival? Expecting special guests? Use cinema digital signage to generate interest.
  • Providing directions – Point people in the right direction for movie showings or use as an exit guidance system in the event of an emergency.
  • Operating as a self-serving kiosk, enabling customers to purchase tickets, check movie times or place food and drink orders, giving your cinema an ‘extra staff member’ during peak hours.

There’s no limit to what you can do with cinema digital signage, with plenty of opportunities to make the most of and reach audiences one way or another.

Getting the most out of your cinema digital signage

Start with outdoor digital signage. Positioning digital screens at entrances improves your appeal to audiences, showcasing your cinema as a venue that is embracing the digital era and moving away from printed, uninspiring posters.

LCD Enclosure

Outdoor Digital Signage at your cinema’s entrance improves your appeal to passers-by. Here, Etamps cinema deployed an Armagard LCD enclosure solution.

Create a unique customer experience by deploying indoor digital signage advertising or digital posters. Not only are you reaching audiences in a new way, you’re cutting costs by reducing spend on printed posters.

Plus, you’re eliminating the labor intensive process of removing posters in order to replace them and saving on man hours because digital signage content can be changed quickly and easily.

Indoor, cinema digital signage

Deploy digital signage in your cinema’s lobby with Armagard’s easy to assemble indoor advertising display.

Positioning your indoor digital signage in key locations, for instance – the food kiosk – can also help to drive sales by enabling you to promote special deals and upsell items.

The use of digital signage allows you to be creative with your content. Use your screens to display JPEG images, video or run audio. What you’re presenting to your audience doesn’t always have to be in the same format, unlike the humble printed poster.

Outdoor digital signage

More and more cinemas are deploying Armagard digital signage units.

Cinema digital signage gives you more freedom and flexibility to communicate messages across a venue with plenty of hustle and bustle. Compared to the cost of investment, the return is substantial because of the income made from:

  • Increased ticket sales.
  • Increased merchandise sales.
  • Increased refreshment sales.
  • Leasing opportunities – screens not in use can be made available to advertisers looking to reach cinema-goers, for a fee.

To get the most out of cinema-goers, deploy digital signage and make your cinema a blockbuster success.

Get your cinema digital signage from the Armagard ‘box office’

Cinema digital signage installation is growing.

All that’s left for you to do is buy your digital signage ticket and take your seat among many cinemas investing in Armagard solutions.

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