Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure – What is a Plenum Chamber? A Question & Answer Session

‘Plenum Chamber’, a term that features frequently across Armagard’s websites. But, what are they and what do they do? How do they prevent your outdoor digital signage going into meltdown? This is plenum chambers explained, and their significance to an outdoor digital signage enclosure…

What is a Plenum Chamber?

A plenum chamber is simply a type of ventilation or air transfer system. It ensures, through the use of baffles, that air pressure is equalised for the purpose of even air distribution.

In terms of an outdoor digital signage enclosure, a plenum chamber ensures both the even distribution of air and resistance to water ingress during pressurised wash down. This is achieved through the optimal placement of baffles within the plenum.

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure

An Armagard Plenum Chamber.

Why a Plenum Chamber?

Plenum chambers provide a unique method of cooling components prone to overheating in enclosed spaces. They also eliminate the need for alternative ventilation systems, which can be costly and they also require very little maintenance.

What Does Armagard Recommend?

Armagard recommends the inclusion of plenum chambers when supplying outdoor digital signage enclosure solutions from our PDS range.

The plenum chambers used by Armagard are unique, designed to maintain a jet washable sealing and stable temperature.

Armagard has a patent pending on the use of plenum chamber cooling for enclosures.

What does a Plenum Chamber do?

The plenum chambers fitted to Armagard enclosures allow filtered air to flow through the enclosure to prevent heat accumulation, diverting any build-up of heat out of the enclosure. This is vital for the protection of components and screens.

Plenum chambers also protect against water penetration during enclosure cleaning processes, essentially preventing water from getting into a unit, but maintaining the flow of clean air.

Why are Plenum Chambers Important to an Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure?

Heat can be an outdoor digital signage killer. Not only are you battling against the heat produced by your AV equipment, outdoor installation means sunlight exposure. Plenum chambers can’t prevent heat, but they can minimise its impact. The presence of a plenum chamber means that the potential to cool equipment is significantly increased.

Plenum chambers within an Armagard enclosure are important for keeping internal temperatures at a level that keeps your digital screen and other AV equipment functioning correctly. Essentially, as the temperature rises externally, your plenum chambers are working to prevent overheating internally.

Plenum Chamber Perks

Fundamentally, the presence of plenum chambers within your outdoor digital signage enclosure could eliminate the need for additional cooling systems. This is a massive money saving incentive and, unlike conventional cooling apparatus such as air conditioning, plenum chambers require virtually no maintenance.

Designed to prevent overheating, the plenum chamber is a vital component when it comes to avoiding equipment malfunction as a direct result of heat accumulation. You can reduce the risk, and avoid the expense, of having to replace screens or other AV equipment when purchasing an outdoor digital signage enclosure featuring plenum chamber technology.

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