Dooh Enclosures for Outdoor Digital Signage

In a little over a decade, the world of out of home advertising has changed dramatically. What was once an industry dominated by printed signs and posters, is now becoming digital led, with digital signage growing rapidly in all sectors of the out of home industry. Digital out of home (Dooh) is now found in all sorts of places, from the shopping mall and retail store, to gas stations, airports and even pharmacies. Even outdoors has become no barrier to using a digital signage screen, with more and more outdoor locations becoming filled with outdoor Dooh.

Part of this prevalence of outdoor digital signage has been the ability of Dooh enclosures to keep digital signage screens protected from the weather, temperatures and risk of damage through vandalism that outdoor screens have to face.

Dooh Enclosure Protection

Outdoor Dooh enclosures provide all the necessary protection for running a screen outdoors for digital signage. Firstly, the Dooh enclosure acts as a weatherproof barrier, preventing rain and other weather elements from getting inside and damaging the display. But weatherization is not the only important aspect to outdoor Dooh protection.

Overheating is a common problem for outdoor Dooh screens. Unlike a standard TV that may have to operate for 8 to 10 hours a day, a Dooh screen has to operate for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All LCD screens produce heat as a byproduct of their operation, and removing this heat is essential to prevent overheating. Most Dooh enclosures have some form of outdoor venting and internal fan system that transfers this heat away, while at the same time prevents moisture from getting inside the enclosure.

Overheating is not the only problem caused by outdoor use. Because an outdoor digital signage screen has to operate throughout the year, during the winter, it needs some form of insulation or internal heating system to prevent freezing of the screen. And of course, operating outside in unsupervised locations means that the Dooh enclosure needs to be rugged enough to defend against vandalism and accidental impacts.

Types of Outdoor Dooh Enclosure

As with indoor digital signage screens, outdoor Dooh enclosures come in a variety of styles, from wall mountable landscape and portrait enclosures, to standalone kiosk systems that provide a floor standing outdoor digital signage solution. Essentially, any type of set up is as possible outside as it is indoors, with Dooh enclosures available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide selection of screen types.

Furthermore, the return on investment of outdoor Dooh enclosures is a positive one. While the screens may need replacing over time, the same enclosure can house screen after screen, so an installation can remain in place for years and years, with replacement screens all enjoying the same protection from the same Dooh enclosure.

When it comes to digital signage, outdoor locations are far more effective for both advertisers and information providers. Now, with outdoor Dooh enclosures and their cost effective approach to protection against the weather and variable temperatures of an outdoor environment, there are no barriers for even small retailers and organizations from getting involved in the outdoor Dooh revolution.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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