Outdoor Digital Signage Top five Applications

While indoor digital signage is everywhere, from gas stations to convenience stores, airports to shopping malls, outdoor digital signage is not as ubiquitous.

Lobby digital signage

Lobby digital signage (Photo credit: Duke Energy)

Due to the higher costs and the need to protect screens form the elements, outdoor digital signage is not yet as popular as indoor signage, but the medium is growing exponentially, with more and more outdoor screens being installed in various locations, and for various applications.

Outdoor digital signage has almost unlimited uses, however, several key applications can really benefit from the implementation of an outdoors screen and are currently the most popular uses for outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor Digital Signage For Retail / Advertising

As with indoor digital signage, advertisers are implementing digital signage outdoors to take advantage of out of home audiences. The biggest advantage of outdoor advertising LCD screens in comparison to those indoors is the sheer size of the potential audience.

Advertisers can reach far more people outside than they can by using advertising LCD screens in shopping malls and retail stores. By implementing outdoor advertising screens, retailers are also able to attract people to come into a retail store by using the screens to display promotions and tempting offers.

Outdoor Digital Signage For Transport

information screen enclosures installed on a train station

Keeping passengers informed

Outdoor digital signage is the perfect platform for displaying timetable and scheduling information in transport hubs such as train stations and bus depots. Because of its immediacy, an outdoor digital signage display can be updated instantly of the latest delays or arrivals, so passengers waiting outside on the platform or bus shelter can be kept informed.

Outdoor Digital Signage For Company Signage

Corporate communications is another use for outdoor digital signage. Whether it’s communicating with staff and drivers across a large site such as a distribution hub, or communicating to visitors and customers as they arrive, an outdoor screen provides a modern and efficient method of corporate communication. Because of its immediacy, important information can be communicated across a wide area and managers are able to contact staff that would be otherwise difficult to reach.

Outdoor Digital Signage For Colleges, Schools And Universities

Outdoor advertising totem enclosure on a university campus

Advertising around campus

Academic institutions are also benefiting from the immediacy of outdoor digital signage and the ability of the medium to reach large number of people spread out over a large area. Because staff, students and visitors may arrive at different times and at different entrances to an academic building, outdoor information totems are an effective way of reaching everybody with important information.

Unlike other forms of communication, such as email and traditional noticeboards, which need to be checked before information can be got across, outdoor digital signage reaches people on arrival. This can be crucial important during emergencies by preventing people from stumbling into a dangerous situation.

Outdoor Digital Signage For Public Buildings

Public buildings such as libraries, churches and other religious buildings have a need to communicate with the local community. Outdoor digital signage provides an efficient way of announcing events, opening times and spreading messages to visitors and the local community.

outdoor tv enclosure used in a pub beer garden

Watch the soccer match ouside on the terrace with an outdoor TV enclosure

An outdoor tv enclosure is a great way to allow retain customers by letting them catch a soccer match or ball game in an outdoor space.

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