Wall Mounted Outdoor TV Cabinet for Home and Business

TVs have come a long way over the last decade or so. What were once bulky and heavy devices, only found in the home, are now flatter, lighter and used for all sorts of applications from advertising screens in shopping malls, airports and retail stores, to outdoor locations providing digital signage or outdoor entertainment.

Using a TV outdoors is not without its difficulties, though. Any TV operating in the open air is not only going to need protection from the weather, but also needs to be able to cope with outdoor temperatures and be tough enough to cope with attempts at vandalism and theft, which is where wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets are used.

Outdoor protection

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets provide comprehensive protection to allow a TV screen to be taken outdoors. Firstly, the cabinet has to protect from the weather; this doesn’t just include keeping out rain and other elements, but also means the TV screen is protected from the variable outdoor temperatures. In the summer, this means keeping the screen cool enough that it won’t overheat, while in the winter, the wall mounted outdoor TV cabinet has to ensure the enclosed TV doesn’t succumb to freezing.

Secondly, wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets need to provide physical protection. This includes being secure enough to prevent theft. Wall mounted solutions can provide this by use of strengthened brackets that are securely bolted to exterior walls, preventing the cabinet from being removed. The cabinet itself is lockable so thieves can’t gain access to the enclosed TV.

Finally, wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets need also to be physically tough to protect against impact, such as a ball hitting a screen in a backyard, or attempts at vandalism in a public area. Most wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets are made from steel and include shatterproof screens to ensure the TV is perfectly protected against damage.

For businesses

The uses for wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets are almost unlimited. Commonly used for digital advertising, the cabinet can protect not just the TV, but also any media playing hardware too. Information screens such as those used around train stations, bus stations and airports are another use for wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets, where the outdoor protection means they can be situated on train station platforms, in car parks and other outdoor locations where people may need access to scheduling information.

Another common commercial use for wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets is outside bars, where TVs are used to entertain customers during big ball games or other sporting events. Outdoor TVs are becoming incredibly popular, due in part to the prevalence of anti-smoking legislation, which is making more people to want to drink outdoors.

For Homes

Homeowners too are using wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets as a means f watching TV by the pool or in the back yard. Ideal for entertaining friends or just watching your favorite shows outside in the summer, a wall mounted outdoor TV cabinet is the perfect luxury for the back yard.

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets are available to accommodate almost any size and make of screen and can be mounted on almost any exterior wall or ceiling.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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