Waterproof Computer Enclosure

    Businesses have benefited from the use of computers for decades! Computer automated systems are efficient, provide highly reproducible results and save both money and time. This is equally true for computers used in industrial environments, however, industrial computing does throw up several challenges that don’t concern the average computer user!

    Industrial Computing

    Computers have traditionally been limited to the environments that they can operate in and industrial areas have never been favorable for the safe, reliable operation of computer equipment. Industrial environments contain many harmful elements, such as dust, dirt and grease that will damage and permanently disable an unprotected desktop computer or PC, costing you thousands of dollars in lost production time and revenue!

    Computers don’t like water!

    One industrial environment that is even harder to conquer is the wash down area. Many automated industrial processes such as food preparation or industrial cleaning require regular wash down and cleaning. And as we all know computers REALLY don’t like water!

    What are the options?

    An obvious choice to control these industrial processes would be a dedicated waterproof industrial panel PC, however, these solid-state industrial computers are not only expensive to buy and maintain (needing a manufacturer’s maintenance contract), they are generations behind the technology used by modern desktops!
    So what’s the alternative? An Armagard Stainless Steel Waterproof Computer Enclosure provides a way to reliably use a standard, inexpensive, desktop PCs in wash down environments.
    Simply put a waterproof computer enclosures is a protective cabinet designed to ensure that a PC is totally protected from water. Our waterproof computer enclosures are designed to such an extent that they can even withstand power or jet washing without any water getting in to the enclosure, making them an ideal choice for food preparation areas.

    It’s all about the design and Construction!

    Simply encasing a computer in a waterproof ‘box’ may keep the computer dry, but it will not allow it to operate effectively. Computers need a constant flow of air across the components, especially the processors, therefore, a waterproof enclosure needs to provide a clean (filtered) airflow around the computer, whilst still ensuring that water doesn’t get in.
    All Armagard’s waterproof computer enclosures have been designed according to the European IP rating system, similar to the NEMA system . An IP 65 (NEMA 4) or IP 66 (NEMA 4x) rated enclosure will provide good waterproof protection for almost any wash down or wet location.

    A waterproof computer enclosure is a practical and cost effective method for allowing the safe use of computer systems in wet and wash down locations.

    This post was written by Mike Thomas

    Mike Thomas

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