PC Enclosure for Flexible Industrial Computing

Computers are now a ubiquitous tool. Used around offices and homes, most people would be lost without regular access to a PC. Computers are also an integral part of the modern production facility, used for controlling processes, production lines and sorting through orders. Many of these locations, however, are not akin to the safe, warm environments of the home or office, which is where the PC enclosure comes in.

Industrial areas, factory floors and distribution centers all require the use of computers, but without protection, any PC operating in such an environment would soon fail. A PC enclosure is a sturdy and robust computer cabinet used to protect standard PCs in environments that otherwise would prevent the use of such hardware.

Waterproof PC Enclosure

Some industrial type locations contain water. Used either for processes or to wash down areas at the end of shifts, the regular use of water makes running a PC in these sorts of environments nearly impossible. Even small splashes of water will soon disable the average PC, which is why any computer operating in such conditions needs housing in a waterproof PC enclosure.

Designed to provide water protection, a PC enclosure prevents any moisture from getting inside the computer cabinet and affecting the enclosed PC. This enables computers to be used even in wash down environments, such as food production facilities where water is used liberally.

Dustproof PC Enclosure

Another hazard for computers in many industrial type locations is the amount of dust present. Even in office environments, dust can build up inside a computer’s housing. However, in some locations such as large distribution warehouses, dust levels can be so high that any PC operating in such an area will soon overheat, become clogged or even short circuit.

A PC enclosure prevents any dust from getting inside the computer cabinet and clogging up the filters, hard drives and electronics of a PC. This enables computer use even in the dustiest of environments, and prevents any breakdown due to dust exposure.

PC Enclosure for Physical Protection

Another consideration for many industrial type locations is the physical vulnerability of computers. Even the lightest of impacts can easily disable a standard computer system. A PC enclosure, with its solid steel housing, can defend from even the most severe of impacts, such as a swipe from a forklift, and keeps the hardware safe from the rough and tumble world of the factory floor.

The steel computer cabinet protects both the PC, computer monitor and any accessories plugged into the machine, ensuring that if an accident does happen, production can continue.

These steel computer cabinets provide lasting protection for all sorts of standard computer hardware, but unlike solid state and industrial computer systems, still allow the flexibility of repair, upgrade and replacement. A PC enclosure can be installed in almost any industrial environment, from chilled food distribution warehouses, to clean rooms and wash down environments, and when it’s time to upgrade the enclosed computer, the same computer cabinet can be retained for the next generation of machine, providing a lasting investment that can protect computer hardware for many years to come.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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