Coping with Wash Down and Water – Waterproof Monitor Enclosure

In industrial environments, computerization is just as important as for office locations. Factories, distribution centers and other industrial type locations use computers and monitors to handle processing, control systems and communicate with employees, but often the challenges of these locations make using standard computers and monitors impossible. Fortunately, a waterproof monitor enclosure enables standard computer monitors and LCD screens to be used even in the toughest of industrial environments.

Waterproof LCD monitor

Many industrial locations have wash down areas. Often when food is being prepared or there is a need for high levels of hygiene, all equipment is cleaned by regular wash down. Wash down, by either a pressure washer or hose, makes using standard computer monitors extremely vulnerable. Even small amounts of water will quickly disable an LCD screen, unless it is a waterproof LCD monitor. However, it is possible to use standard LCD or plasma hardware, as long as it is housed in a waterproof monitor enclosure.

Waterproof monitor enclosures turn any standard LCD screen into a waterproof LCD monitor, enabling  its use in wet and wash down environments. This provides a high level of flexibility, as it permits the use of almost any make, model or size of LCD screen to be used in such an environment.

NEMA 4 Waterproof Monitor Enclosure

As with a waterproof LCD monitor, a waterproof monitor enclosure provides wash down protection to National Electrical and Manufacturers Association (NEMA ) guidelines. NEMA produces a set of standard that ensures a waterproof LCD monitor or waterproof monitor enclosure can cope with operating in wet or wash down environments.

NEMA 4 is the common standard to which waterproof monitor enclosures are built. This standard ensures that no water droplets will get inside the enclosure and damage the housed monitor during cleaning or wash down. This means that the enclosed screen, whether and LCD of plasma monitor can continue to operate even when being cleaned.

Waterproof Monitor Enclosure for Outdoors

This NEMA 4 protection also enables the Waterproof Monitor Enclosure to function outdoors as the enclosure provides protection from the rain and other weather elements. Keeping the screen dry is not the only protection these enclosures provide, either. Because of the need to keep a screen cool, internal fans are fitted which enable fresh air into the enclosure but don’t permit moisture to penetrate. This makes them ideal to use outside, where often the sun’s temperature could lead a standard monitor to overheat.

Even a waterproof LCD monitor is not often equipped to cope with an outdoor environment due the problems caused by overheating, as often these are sealed units with nowhere for the hot air to filter out. With clever use of cooling fans and venting chambers, a waterproof monitor enclosure ensures a stable temperature even in hot and humid environments.

Ideal for factories, industrial units, distribution centers and outdoor locations as a form of digital signage, waterproof monitor enclosures can turn almost any LCD screen into a waterproof LCD monitor. With sizes ranging from small, compact 24” enclosures to giant sized 70” enclosures, no matter what make, model or size of LCD screen needs protecting, or no matter what environment it needs protecting from, a waterproof monitor enclosure can provide the solution.

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