How to Protect Samsung Digital Signage Displays

How to Protect Samsung Digital Signage Displays

You can protect Samsung digital signage displays with environmental enclosures designed specifically for Samsung screens. Environmental enclosures give Samsung digital signage applications extra protection, which is ideal if you’re using Samsung screens outdoors or in harsh environments.

What Is A Digital Signage Enclosure?

LCD digital signage enclosure as used by Volvo in Sweden

An Armagard, LCD digital signage enclosure as used by Volvo in Sweden.

A digital signage enclosure is a mild steel casing designed to protect digital displays from damage. A professionally manufactured enclosure will have an industry-standard, *National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rating, to show the level of protection it provides against screen damage threats, including the weather.

*IP rating in Europe.

What Is The Value of Samsung Digital Signage Protection?

Let’s use Samsung’s OHF outdoor digital signage range as an example.

The Samsung OHF screen series is a popular choice for outdoor digital signage applications. As completely integrated, self-contained displays certified to withstand the elements, the OHF screen series is Samsung’s flagship digital signage solution. The 46” high brightness display for business retails at $6,667, while the 85” display costs $40,000.

Samsung OHF digital signage displays are a high-value asset. Considering the costs and what’s at stake if a display suffers damage, there’s huge value in protecting your Samsung screens. To put the value of protecting your Samsung digital displays into perspective, let’s say you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a Samsung phone or tablet.

If you use your new phone or tablet daily to send and receive messages or emails or make video calls, it’s likely that you would invest in a protective case and screen cover to protect it.

Without a protective case and screen cover, combined with constant daily use, your phone or tablet is much more vulnerable to damage.

Screens get scratched, phones and tablets get dropped, plus dirt and dust can build up, affecting internal components and causing malfunctions.

Similar to a phone or tablet, an unprotected Samsung display - even one you can use outdoors – is vulnerable to damage.

While Samsung OHF displays are outdoor-ready, an unprotected screen that is running daily and constantly exposed to the elements – whether its rain, direct sunlight, snow or the wind – will suffer the effects of being outdoors over time. Plus, an unprotected screen is much more likely to be a target for vandals and thieves.

The value of protecting your Samsung displays is in the long-term benefits it brings. An environmental enclosure protects your Samsung screens from the full force of the weather, accidental or intentional damage, while acting as a theft deterrent.

This means your Samsung digital signage displays last longer, and they have greater security. Professional Samsung display enclosures represent value for money, and give you a better return on your investment in Samsung screens.

How Does An Environmental Enclosure Protect a Samsung Digital Signage Display?

  • Weatherproof
Armagard portrait LCD enclosure as used by the Val d’Allos ski station

An Armagard, portrait LCD enclosure as used by the Val d’Allos ski station in the French Alps.

Samsung’s professional outdoor digital displays are weatherproof - they have their own NEMA ratings. Housing an outdoor-ready Samsung display in an enclosure enhances the weatherproof aspect of Samsung screens used for an outdoor digital signage network.

An enclosure prevents your Samsung displays from direct contact with rain, snow, ice, wind, hail etc. Equally, an enclosure reduces the level of direct exposure to sunlight, which can cause displays to overheat, potentially causing a malfunction.

If you plan to use standard Samsung screens for your digital signage application – the type found in your lounge – an environmental enclosure makes it possible for you to use them outdoors.

While we would recommend that you use a commercial-grade, outdoor Samsung display for a digital signage installation, it is not a necessity. An enclosure enables you to use any existing Samsung screens you have, or purchase lower cost Samsung displays for use outdoors, saving you money.

  • Thermal Management
custom-made Armagard OHF totem enclosure protecting Samsung screens

75”, custom-made Armagard OHF totem enclosure protecting Samsung screens in the heat of El Paso, Texas.

An environmental enclosure can be equipped with heating and cooling components to stop screens overheating or malfunctioning in cold temperatures. When combined with an enclosure, temperature management for Samsung displays used outdoors is greatly improved.

For example, Armagard’s drive thru digital kiosk for Samsung OH46F and OH55F displays, is a complete digital signage solution combining commercial grade screens with a professional enclosure that keeps Samsung monitors operating in temperatures between -22°F and 131°F.

An innovative controller board inside Armagard enclosures helps to achieve this.

The controller board is a feature found on all Armagard digital display enclosures, managing the on-off commands for airflow and environmental control.

  • Vandalism, Theft and Accidental Damage

An enclosure prevents direct access to your Samsung displays for vandals and thieves. Screens housed inside an enclosure make them more difficult to steal, reducing the risk of theft. Equally, without direct access to your Samsung monitors, vandals cannot graffiti over them or attempt to smash the glass.

Enclosures limit the possibility of accidental damage too, providing protection in high risk locations such as road sides or drive thru lanes, where vehicles could collide with displays.

What Type Of Samsung Digital Signage Enclosures Are Available?

  • LCD Enclosures
Armagard LCD enclosure protecting a digital display in the Swiss Alps

An Armagard LCD enclosure protecting a digital display in the Swiss Alps.

If you have standard Samsung screens ready to use for an outdoor digital signage application, LCD enclosures are the perfect protective solution. An LCD enclosure is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Armagard LCD enclosures are NEMA 4X industry rated, providing durable protection against the effects of heavy rain, dust, extreme temperatures, high impact forces, and electrical surges.

Available in sizes ranging from 19” up to 85”, in landscape or portrait designs, LCD enclosures can be wall, stand and ceiling mounted for versatile Samsung display installation.

An Armagard enclosure can provide screen protection for up to a decade, has space for a media player and allows you to upgrade hardware quickly and conveniently.

All Armagard LCD enclosures are designed and assembled by an in-house design and manufacturing team.

  • Samsung OHF Totem Enclosures
custom-made, 55” Samsung triple-screen enclosure

A custom-made, 55” Samsung triple-screen enclosure designed and manufactured by Armagard.

With official design approval from Samsung headquarters in South Korea, dedicated Armagard totem enclosures protect displays from Samsung’s flagship OHF, high-bright digital signage range.

Available in single, double and triple-screen designs, Armagard’s Samsung OHF totem enclosure solutions protect 46” and 55” displays, with custom 75” and 85” designs available on request.

The OHF enclosure range enhances the robustness of Samsung OHF displays. The lower compartment of each enclosure design shields equipment and components such as media players, router hubs, IoT devices, fans, heaters and a microprocessor controller board, providing a complete, outdoor-ready digital signage solution.

Armagard’s double Samsung OHF enclosures are available in side to side and back to back designs. The side to side version allows you to install two Samsung OHF displays next to each other. The back to back solution allows for the installation of two screens or a single screen and a backlit poster for a versatile display option.

  • Slim Profile Enclosures
slim profile, professional outdoor LED enclosure

Armagard’s slim profile, professional outdoor LED enclosure.

A slim profile enclosure provides protection for thinner screens, including Samsung’s ultra-thin LED displays. Armagard’s slim profile, outdoor LED display enclosure is a professional solution ideal for enhancing the appearance of your digital signage application.

The Armagard slim profile outdoor LED display solution has a lightweight design and delivers improved temperature management and greater airflow efficiency. By maintaining optimum conditions, the enclosure extends the lifespan of your Samsung displays, reducing the risk of blackouts, downtime and irreparable damage.

Choose Armagard To Protect Your Samsung Digital Signage Displays

As a leading digital signage manufacturer with 25 years+ industry experience, we have more than 100,000 solutions installed across 50 countries worldwide.

With dedicated and compatible enclosure designs officially approved by Samsung, you can trust that our solutions are right for your digital signage application, representing excellent value for money and providing long-term protection.

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