Outdoor TV Enclosures

Product code: PDS-V18-65-W-L

65 Inch Outdoor TV Hard Cover

A 65 inch outdoor TV hard cover, Front right view

Keep your audience entertained all year long with durable, large format digital outdoor entertainment. Our 65 inch outdoor TV hard cover is available globally and shields against rain, debri, harsh temperatures, tampering, and impact.

Product code: PDS-V18-55-W-L

Outdoor TV Enclosure 55 Inch

An outdoor TV enclosure 55 inch, Front view

Convert a typical LCD screen into a fully-protected waterproof TV with an outdoor TV enclosure 55 inch. Our weatherproof TV cases shield against weather, vandalism, and accidental bumps, whether on your patio or on a bar terrace.

Product code: PDS-42-W-L

42 Inch Outdoor TV Shell

Front-right view of a 42 inch outdoor TV shell

Our 42 inch outdoor TV shell is compatible with 42/43 inch LCD screens and shields against rain, extreme temperatures, dust, impacts and tampering. Enjoy your favorite shows outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Product code: PDS-32-W-L

32 Inch Outdoor TV Cabinet

Front View of a 32 inch Outdoor TV Cabinet

Protect a 32-inch screen against water, dust, and incoming footballs, at your upcoming garden event with a 32 inch outdoor TV cabinet. Entertain friends and family with peace of mind.

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Armagard outdoor tv enclosure mounted on a patio wall

Enjoy outdoor TV in your backyard, thanks to the availability of LCD enclosures or dedicated weatherproof displays. Find out how you can improve your TV viewing experience outside and discover the perfect choice for you.

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