65 Inch Outdoor TV Hard Cover

Enjoy TV in Any Season: Keep Your 65-Inch Outdoor TV Safe with a Hard Cover

Are you looking for a way to elevate your outdoor space and provide tv entertainment for your customers? Whether for personal use or at your business premises, the 65 inch outdoor TV hard cover allows you to effortlessly install a large format VESA screen and mount it to the wall, providing a sleek and engaging display for live entertainment. Elevate your business premises and create an engaging atmosphere with our all-weather TV enclosure.

65 inch outdoor TV hard cover

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    65 Inch Outdoor TV Hard Cover, Ideal for:

  • Outdoor Bar Seating Areas
  • College Facilities and School Campuses
  • Event Areas
  • Patios and Terraces

At a glance:

42.5 x 64.4 x 7.5
Powder Coated Mild Steel
Screen Size:
Wall or Stand
IP Rating:
Product Code:

Watching sports, live music, and films outdoors has become even more convenient with our 65 inch outdoor TV hard covers. These enclosures provide complete protection for your LCD screen, keeping it safe from all types of weather conditions, rain, dust, and accidental collisions. This means you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment with peace of mind knowing that your TV is safe and secure.

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Fully Waterproof Our TV enclosures provide complete protection for large format screens from all types of weather. Your screen will be safe from rain, high winds, and snow, as well as both hot and cold temperatures.
Safe from Accidental Damage Our all-weather mild-steel TV enclosures remove the risk of impact damage to your screen, wherever the location. The enclosed display stays safe from impacts and vandalism with a toughened glass or polycarbonate window.
Dual Lock Security System Our cabinets feature a two-key dual lock security system to provide complete peace of mind. This is perfect for businesses looking to safeguard their screens against theft, tampering, or vandalism.
Satisfied Customers Your patrons will adore the opportunity to watch sports, comedy, and other digital entertainment outdoors at your establishment. With a 65 inch outdoor TV hard cover, you can easily keep them entertained all year round.
Budget-Friendly Ownership We understand that cost is an important consideration for businesses. Investing in an all-weather TV enclosure and a standard large format screen is a more cost-effective way to offer outdoor digital entertainment, rather than purchasing a dedicated outdoor large-format display.

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Specifications & Guarantees

Protect your backyard TV investment with Armagard's 65 inch outdoor TV hard cover. For over thirty years, we have been a trusted provider of high-quality LCD enclosures all over the world. Our all-weather TV enclosures come with a five-year warranty and industry-leading customer support. Extend the lifespan of your TV and enjoy your outdoor entertainment worry-free.

Armagard outdoor TV hard cover range
Max Screen Size: Height (inches): Width (inches): Depth*(inches): Product Code:
19″ 19.7 21.5 10 PDS-19-W-L
24″ 20.6 28.4 10 PDS-24-W-L
32″ 24.8 35.2 10.8 PDS-32-W-L
42″ 30 44.4 10.8 PDS-42-W-L
47″ 32.1 48.4 10.8 PDS-47-W-L
49″ 32.1 48.4 10.8 PDS-49-W-L
52″ 36.9 53.2 10.8 PDS-52-W-L
55″ 37 55.5 9.3 PDS-V18-55-W-L
60″ 41.3 60.2 9.7 PDS-60-W-L
65″ 42.5 64.4 7.5 PDS-V18-65-W-L
70″ 48.3 73.4 9.7 PDS-70-W-L
72″ 48.3 73.4 9.7 PDS-72-W-L
75″ 47.8 73.4 9.3 PDS-V18-75-W-L
85″ 51.7 83.9 8.9 PDS-V11-85-W-L

*Depth - Enclosure depth includes plenum chambers.

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    5 year warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    We guarantee:

  • 5-year Warranty Of All Enclosure Specific Mechanical And Electrical Parts
  • Fast Delivery
  • Informed And Helpful Sales Staff
  • High Quality Engineering
  • Over 30 Years Of Industry Experience
  • Excellent, And Ongoing, Customer Service

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