11 Factors for Choosing a PC Enclosure System over an Industrial Computer

Need protection for computers in your industrial facility? Here are 11 reasons why you should choose a PC enclosure system over an industrial computer… Stop. Before you scrap your current computer system(s) to invest in an industrial computer, ask yourself – ‘is there a better way to protect my computers without the disruption & the […]


5 Top Tips to Get Ahead with Digital Signage Advertising this Christmas

As a business, you know competition for customers at Christmas is fierce. Your rivals will be stepping up their game, don’t let them ‘laugh and call you names’. Make your message standout with desirable digital signage advertising.


Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure – What is a Plenum Chamber? A Question & Answer Session

‘Plenum Chamber’, a term that features frequently across Armagard’s websites. But, what are they and what do they do? How do they prevent your outdoor digital signage going into meltdown? This is plenum chambers explained, and their significance to an outdoor digital signage enclosure… What is a Plenum Chamber? A plenum chamber is simply a […]


5 Top Tips for Avoiding a Digital Signage Installation Horror Story this Halloween

Blue screens, poor positioning & no installation team! With over 20 years in the business, we’ve heard it all when it comes to disastrous digital signage installation. Want to know how not to become a victim of embarrassment this Halloween? Read on… Imagine: Your new digital signage network is delivered on time, great! An army […]


Reliable, Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet – Preventing Server Downtime for Businesses

Discover Armagard’s Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet & defend against server downtime. Protect your business, cut costs & save time… Overview The Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet provides your business with a simple solution for the storage, and protection of, computer servers and other rack mountable devices. Installation of this unit reduces the risk of server downtime, […]


KABOOM!!! 5 Ways To Destroy Digital Signage. Plus, a Few Digital Signage Enclosure Solutions

Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, urge you to find out why digital signage protection is no joke. Revealed – 5 factors that can put the killer kibosh on your exposed digital signage. Here at Armagard, we like to take the testing of our digital signage enclosures to the extreme to emphasize our point about digital […]


Totem Digital Signage Unit – Why The New Financial Year Is Right for A New Totem

Need a fresh advertising idea for the New Financial Year? Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, discuss the distinct advantages of a totem digital signage unit.


Computer Overheating: How to Prevent it in Industrial Environments

Is downtime due to computer overheating affecting production? Tired of paying repair or replacement costs? Armagard examines 4 common causes of computer overheating in industrial environments & provides a solution to combat all four. Put an end to your computer downtime misery…


‘Don’t Make Them Like They Used To’ – PC, Printer & Digital Signage Protection VS the ‘Throwaway Culture’

Armagard has, for over 20 years, been designing & manufacturing digital signage enclosures, computer shields & printer protection units that are built to last. Let us dispel for you the myths of the ‘throwaway culture’ and present the case for PC, printer & digital signage protection. Did you know? Your computer(s), your TV(s) & even your […]


New, Sensational, 72” Outdoor Digital Signage Totem

Discover the 72” outdoor digital signage totem, the ultimate outdoor advertising system. Overview The 72” outdoor digital signage totem is an engineering masterpiece that offers a stunning focal point for any advertising campaign. This unit offers you an extraordinary edge over your competitors, providing a display prominence that’s poignant. Expertly engineered using high quality materials, […]


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