New Industrial Computer Cabinet Solves Problem of PC, Printer & Screen Damage

Reduce the risk of PC, printer or screen damage in your workplace. This all new industrial computer cabinet provides everything you need for all-in-one equipment protection. Your unique industrial computer cabinet, designed and manufactured by Armagard, provides a solution for protecting PC, printer and screen equipment simultaneously. The newest addition to the Armagard range allows […]


Sunlight Readable Digital Signage – Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflective, What’s The Difference?

To complement the launch of their new sunlight readable digital signage enclosure range, which can integrate screens featuring anti-glare and anti-reflective technologies, Armagard explains the differences between the two technologies.    Anti-glare and anti-reflective technologies are often mistaken as being the same, however, while they are both very similar in what they are attempting to […]


Armagard LTD – Trouble Tracking Us Down? We Are Armagard, Not To Be Confused With Armaguard

Following confusion over the spelling of the Armagard company name, we clarify how you can track us down online to purchase your protective PC, printer or digital signage enclosure(s). Armagard is an award winning designer, manufacturer and provider of protective enclosures for PCs, printers and digital signage displays, worldwide. Armaguard is an iconic Australian company […]


Stainless steel PC enclosure – 304 versus 316 grade stainless steel, what’s the difference?

Stainless steel PC enclosure specialists, Armagard, utilise stainless steel for a selection of products across their range. In this article, Armagard provides a review of 304 and 316 stainless steel. A question that Armagard is frequently asked is ‘what is the difference between 304 grade stainless steel and 316 grade stainless steel?’ This question is […]


Stonehenge The Setting For Armagard’s Latest Custom LCD Enclosures

Armagard’s custom, 60” PDS LCD enclosures make fine focal feature for new Stonehenge visitor centre.     Three custom-made Armagard 60” PDS enclosures provide the interior focal point for Stonehenge’s new £27 million state-of-the-art visitor centre. The sleek, aesthetically designed LCD enclosures were unveiled as part of the grand opening of the new visitor centre facility at […]


Totem Digital Signage – Why The New Year Is Right For A New Totem

Need a fresh advertising idea for the New Year? Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, discuss the distinct advantages of totem digital signage. Transform your advertising strategy in 2014 with a totem digital signage display, after all, digital signage is trending and creating a fresh, futuristic form of advertising that is impacting the consumer audience on […]


DSE Focus – An ‘All You Need To Know’ Guide From Armagard

Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, will be exhibiting at the 2014 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, 12th-13th February. Drop-in on our digital signage enclosure display. DSE Defined The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is held in high esteem and viewed as the world’s largest international trade show dedicated to showcasing digital signage, interactive technology […]


Armagard’s Guide To Keeping Outdoor Digital Advertising Fully Functioning In Winter

Worried about the impact of winter weather affecting the operation of your outdoor digital advertising? Armagard’s essential guide provides some top tips.


Touchscreen Digital Signage – Which Touchscreen Signage Solution Is Best For Outdoors?

Have your current signage solutions become problematic? Are they prone to vandalism, malfunction or are they non-functional when facing the elements of the great outdoors? The solution is here – introducing Touchscreen Digital Signage, featuring projected capacitive touch foil, pioneering technology that will lead the signage industry into a new era.


Overheating Digital Signage? Discover Four Ways to Cool AV in Outdoor Environments

With an Armagard custom enclosure there are several products and systems available that will prevent your digital signage from overheating. Investing in a preventative system like this right from day one can reduce the risk of damage to your digital signage and will therefore be extremely cost effective.


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