The Adventures of Armagard Enclosures – The Protection Chronicles

Whether it’s at sea, becoming part of history at sites that have existed for thousands of years or serving world renowned businesses, Armagard enclosures enjoy some incredible adventures.

Take a journey of discovery involving heroic tales of endurance, durability & longevity, with enclosures going where none have gone before.

Setting Sail With An LCD Enclosure

Our first adventure chronicles an Armagard LCD enclosure, which took to the sea on an epic round the world adventure for the sake of TV screen protection.

Purchased by a prolific sailor & yacht owner, this unit ventured to exotic lands including Tahiti & New Zealand, before enduring the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica.

First stop, Tahiti – In the midst of scorching temperatures, this outdoor TV enclosure shielded the enclosed screen from the effects of sunlight, preventing overheating and screen glare.

With the ability to keep screens operational in temperatures as high as +131oF, the LCD outdoor TV enclosure significantly reduced the chances of screen failure during the trip, thanks to the internal air conditioning system.

Armagard Enclosures

‘The Armagard LCD enclosure in Tahiti.’

Next stop, New Zealand – Enduring comparable conditions to Tahiti, again, the LCD enclosure provided a barrier against the effects of exposure to the sun.

In the sweltering New Zealand heat, the LCD enclosure prevented screen blackout, a symptom of overheating.

Armagard Enclosures

‘The Outdoor TV Enclosure arrives in New Zealand.’

Final stop, the Antarctic – Having enjoyed sun, sea & sand, the last leg saw the unit face its most brutal test yet – the punishing weather conditions of the Antarctic.

Battling against lashings from the salty sea air, facing extreme winds and sub-zero temperatures, the LCD enclosure system ensured that the screen was protected from freezing temperatures, thanks to the internal heating system.

Capable of functioning in temperatures that plummet to -86oF, the enclosure maintained a stable temperature within, despite the external conditions.

Armagard Enclosures

‘The LCD enclosure on its return from Antarctica.’

Vital components of the screen were safeguarded against freezing and any melting ice, or rain, could not penetrate thanks to the unit’s IP56 industry rating.

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Custom-Made Armagard Enclosures Become Part Of History

In 2013, three Armagard custom enclosures became part of UK history when installed at the ancient site of Stonehenge.

Purchased to protect digital signage screens at the newly built visitor centre, opened in December 2013, Armagard had the privilege of designing and manufacturing these iconic units.

The sleek, aesthetically designed enclosures, modelled using Armagard’s portrait flat panel enclosure design, provide an attractive, audience engaging centerpiece that serve the huge volume of tourists who visit the facility year-after-year, reducing the risk of screen damage, and preventing vandalism or theft.

Armagard Enclosures

‘Armagard custom-made 60″ PDS units at Stonehenge.’

Accommodating 60” screens and with a ‘dusty grey’ coloured finish, in keeping with the surroundings, the displays are used to showcase tourist information, promote events and endorse the county of Wiltshire.

The finished display is now the focal point of this brand new facility, providing screen protection for 10 years or more.

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Stainless Steel PC Enclosure With A Side Salad Please

With facilities in multiple European countries including: France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK and Ireland, Florette is widely regarded as one of the largest producers of salad in the world.

The Florette facility in Spain approached Armagard, requiring a waterproof computer enclosure that could protect a number of on-site computers to be installed at a brand new site in Milagro.

Florette opted to purchase five Armagard SENC-800 units. This stainless steel PC enclosure system proved to be the perfect fit for the facility, protecting their computer systems and allowing them to use a conventional keyboard and mouse.


‘The Stainless Steel, IP65 industry rated SENC-800.’

The SENC-800 is sealed to IP65 industry standard, protecting against external threats such as dust, dirt and liquids, while eliminating the potential build-up of grime and keeping computers protected during washdown.

Florette now has a complete solution that suits the requirements of their facility. In their own words they highlighted the following benefits of deploying the SENC-800 throughout their facility:

  • Reduced risk of production downtime
  • Better management and control of data

Michel Ezquerro of Florette, Spain, said: “We did consider using a local supplier, but we already knew of Armagard because they provided enclosures to an old company [Tallo Verde Noblejas] before it was taken over by Florette.”

The result of this project was so successful that Florette installed further SENC-800 units across their other facilities.

Armagard Enclosures

‘Two of the SENC-800 units in action at Florette’s new Milagro facility in Spain.’

Michel Ezquerro of Florette, Spain, said: “As a result of Armagard’s solution we have seen our IT teams suffer less. Prior to having the units our computer cleaning process was lengthy, putting the team out-of-action for long periods. That has now been resolved.”

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Trust Armagard Enclosures

Armagard enclosures are built to last that’s why we protect equipment worth over £4 billion, worldwide. We have been designing and manufacturing enclosures for over 20 years, leading the way in design and innovation.

Whatever your industry sector, you can trust us to provide a solution for PC, printer or digital signage protection.

Our products have become both nationally and internationally recognised and in 2013, Armagard scooped the Queen’s Award for International Trade and the National Chamber of Commerce Award as ‘Exporter of the Year’.

For quality, reliability and versatility, choose Armagard because it’s our products that have earned our reputation.


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