Choosing the Right Digital Signage Display Enclosure

The type of digital signage display enclosure required for a screen can often depend on where the screen is to be positioned and how it is to be mounted. Screens can be positioned in two different orientations: landscape, where the screen is placed horizontally, the same way as a TV at home; or portrait, where the screen is placed vertically, much like a traditional poster.

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant and fast food industry relies on impulse purchases. In such a competitive industry, finding new and innovative ways of tempting customers into a diner can make a huge difference to revenue. Outdoor digital menu boards are an engaging and eye-catching method of generating custom that has so many benefits over traditional menu systems.

Using Information Screens Outdoors

Flat screen TV enclosures house not just LCD TV screens, but also can contain media players or compact PCs, so are able to keep the entire information system together in one unit. The enclosures provide all the relevant protection needed for using this equipment outdoors, including weatherization, temperature control and physical impact protection to prevent damage through impact and vandalism.

Three Uses for Outdoor TV Enclosures

Outdoor TV enclosures are a simple and cost effective way of using a TV screen outdoors and keeping it protected from the weather, variations in temperature and physical threats such as vandalism. Since the rise of the flat panel LCD display, taking a TV outdoors has become a common occurrence.

The Olympics is an Ideal Time to Install an Outdoor TV Enclosure

An outdoor TV enclosure provides all the protection for these standard TVs so they can operate safely and reliably outdoors. They also offer security so the TV can be left outside 24 hours a day and not succumb to either damage caused by the weather, theft or vandalism- Ideal for watching the Olympics of other sporting events.

Plasma TV Wall Cabinet – for an Outdoor Home Cinema

Plasma TV wall cabinets provide all round protection for using plasma TVs outdoors. They keep the plasma screen dry, which ensures any rain doesn’t get inside and damage the TV. A plasma TV wall cabinet also provides a controlled temperature environment, which prevents the screen overheating and prevents the freezing of components during extremely cold weather, enabling the plasma screen to be left outside throughout the year.

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures are more than just Protection

All outdoor digital signage systems need protection. All screens functioning outside need weatherproofing, temperature protection and need to be rugged enough to prevent damage due to impact and vandalism. The most common method of protecting these screens is to use an outdoor digital signage enclosure, which provides all the necessary weatherization, temperature control and physical defense against damage.

LCD Monitor Enclosure for use in Manufacturing

LCD monitor enclosures protect LCD screens from various hazards, ensuring that dust, water or other elements can’t get into the enclosure and damage the screen. Furthermore, the LCD monitor enclosure is also rugged, defending the LCD screen from the rough and tumble world of the shop floor environment. Once enclosed, the LCD screen is completely protected, allowing its use in almost any shop floor location.

Keeping Screens Dry with Waterproof TV Enclosures

Not every location where you can use an LCD display is an environment for which the technology was designed. With an increase in out of home applications comes a rise in the need to protect screens from certain environments, which is why waterproof TV enclosures were developed.

Dooh Enclosures for Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Dooh enclosures provide all the necessary protection for running a screen outdoors for digital signage. Firstly, the Dooh enclosure acts as a weatherproof barrier, preventing rain and other weather elements from getting inside and damaging the display.