Keeping Flat Screen TVs Secure

There’s no doubt that flat screen TVs have fallen dramatically in price. When plasma and LCD screens first emerged on to the market they were fairly expensive devices with large-sized screens a thousand dollars or more. Now, a decent size flat screen TV is available for a few hundred dollars. As a result, flat screen TVs are now used for all sorts of applications from information screens at airports and train station, to advertising screens around shopping malls and stores.

However, just because LCD and plasma screens are now so much cheaper, it doesn’t mean they don’t equate to a substantial investment, especially if you are using multiple screens on a digital signage network. Therefore, keeping flat screen TVs secure is an important part of protecting any investment into digital signage, which is why flat screen TV security enclosures are so important.


Any screen left in a public area needs to be protected against theft. Because digital signage screens use the same TV technology as home entertainment systems, they provide a tempting target for thieves. A flat screen TV security enclosure ensures that any screen, whether in an indoor are or one left outside is adequately protected from theft.

The flat screen TV security enclosure can be securely mounted to walls, ceilings or the floor. This provides a permanent platform for the TV screen, ensuring the enclosure can’t be moved or stolen. The flat screen security enclosure also has secure locks that prevent anybody from opening the enclosure and removing the enclosed TV. All this protection means any screen housed in a flat screen TV security enclosure can be left unattended without fear of theft.


Another aspect of protection important for screens kept outdoors or in unattended locations is ensuring the TV is protected from vandalism. LCD and plasma screens are incredibly vulnerable to impacts. A flat screen TV security enclosure provides a secure barrier that protects the enclosed TV from even the most tenacious vandal.

The enclosures are made from steel so are tough enough to withstand extreme impacts, while the screen face is protected with shatterproof polymers that won’t crack or smash if the screen face it attacked. This means that a screen left in a flat screen TV security enclosure can be left unattended and won’t be damaged by vandalism or accidental impacts.


Another form of protection, which is important for digital signage and information screens is the prevention of tampering with the equipment. This can cause two problems, firstly, if somebody injures themselves by messing with a TV screen in a public area, it could leave the screen owner liable for any injury caused. Secondly, by gaining access to any media player used to provide information or advertising could allow somebody to upload unsavory content, which could cause problems, especially of the information on the screen is of a crucial nature.

A flat screen TV security enclosure prevents tampering by prohibiting anybody from gaining access to either the screen or the media player, and also prevents somebody from injuring themselves by tampering with the equipment, providing all round and comprehensive protection for any screen left outdoors or in unmanned locations.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

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